Helpers can be identified by their characteristic light blue neckerchief on their shoulders and also by the badges with their names.

They greet and guide the pilgrims on their way to the top, walk them through the paths, ride them in vehicles, help in the sanitary posts, handle the water, help the handicapped and several different tasks all along the Sanctuary and all day long on Saturdays.

The pray of the Holy Rosary is conducted by young servers and there are other group of servers that are responsible for the flower decoration and the custody of the Holy Sanctuary. It is also the helpers who take care of the cleanliness of the place and the accommodation of the pilgrims. It is also the helpers who provide and drive the vehicles that move  the handicapped all the way to the top of the Sanctuary. These vehicles sometimes help in moving materials also.

Every single area of the Sanctuary has been constructed and is being maintained in good shape by the helpers. The Sanctuary itself, reconciliation areas, lawn, medical, water and sanitary posts, parking lots, etc were all done by the effort in one way or another of the helpers. Their love for our Blessed Mother and our Lord Jesus Christ is what drives these efforts.



The pilgrimages are completely organized by the missionaries and pilgrims in all their aspects. None of the organizations of this community handle any kind of monetary aspects of these pilgrimages.



The Sanctuary can be accessed from 8 to 12pm at which time the Sanctuary gets closed to any kind of access.

At 12 pm the praying of the Holy Rosary is started with the presence of Maria Livia and the participation of all the pilgrims that are present from all over the country and the world. This pray usually ends at around 13:30 and is immediately followed by the “intercession pray” . This pray is done by Maria Livia, the lady that receives the messages from our Holy Mother, who imposes her hands over the pilgrims head and prays to Jesus Christ for the pilgrim through the intercession of our Blessed Mother. This is voluntary, any and all pilgrims that accessed the Sanctuary before 12pm will receive this pray if he wants to. This is done in absolute order and personal silence, organized by the helpers, giving priority to elderly, sick and handicapped and expecting mothers. During the pray, pilgrims are constantly singing and praying. The pray is done in order of appearance and can go all the way till night. All along the day, helpers will be there, please ask for their help if needed.

The calendar in our web details all activities on Saturdays and wether Maria Livia will be present.

Pilgrims that cannot walk their way through will be taken in vehicles specially designated for that purpose. There is a parking lot close to the top of the Sanctuary that is exclusive for those that are transporting sick people or with any kind of impediment. From there on they will be transported by the before mentioned vehicles.

The day at the Sanctuary ends when the last pilgrim has received the intercession pray. This is usually very late afternoon or sometimes even at night. That is the reason why the Sanctuary closes strictly at 12pm.

No tips or monetary contribution of any kind is accepted anywhere in the Sanctuary.


Weekdays, Sundays and holidays.

The Sanctuary is open from 8am to 6pm every day.

Vehicles can be parked at any of the three parking lots . From the closest one, the remaining path to walk is only 300 yards from the top of the Sanctuary. In order to keep the silence and a prayer ambience in the Sanctuary, vehicles are not allowed to reach the top of the Sanctuary. If for any reason any pilgrim is sick or is impeded to walk the last 300 yards towards the Sanctuary, please ask the security guard who will be able to open the last gate and access the top. Please, drop the impeded pilgrim at the sanctuary and go back to the parking lot. You will also be allowed to fetch him on your way back.

No vehicles are allowed to park right next to the Sanctuary not even temporarily under any circunstance. Thank you for your collaboration.


Please keep silence all around the Sanctuary and respect the ambience of pray.

For respect to others and the care of the Holy Sanctuary please do not bring pets or animals of any kind . Keep in mind this is a Holy Sanctuary, it is no sports or tourist attraction and therefore please mind your dressing.

The Whole Sanctuary is a Smoke Free area




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