July 13th, 1990 

            Our LADY OF THE TEARS, will tell you what she wants on the day 16, you should pray a lot for the sinners, for the heart-stricken ones, for those  who suffer. Amen. 



 July 31st, 1990 (being in prayer) 

            THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION said: "I will make a great manifestation, so that everybody believes you." 



August 11th, 1990  

            (After consecrating myself to our God, the Sacred Mother opened her arms and smiling with a lot of happiness said) 

            "Come my daughter, Praise be to God, the Angels will accompany you, God will open a road of light" 



Thursday 16th of August, 1990  

            MarĂ­a: You should pray for the peace of the world that is threatened, for the sinners, for those who suffer, for the heart-stricken ones. 




Friday 17th of August, 1990 

            The LADY OF THE TEARS sends me to tell you that: 

            "Soon I will be with you, I should help those that need me, there are many sons that suffer for the distressing situation, to them I will give my Mercy, I need a place where my Blessed Son is also, next to his Church. There I will make big things. Do it soon; there are many people in need!" 

            I will bless you Amen.  



August 31st, 1990 

            My children: 

            The Rosary should not be used as an amulet, by means of the Holy Rosary daily prayer, we invoke the divine protection and we praise God. 

            To our dear youths, I ask them to turn their eyes to Jesus, to save the world from the sin in which it is submerged. 

            The daily and simple prayer pleases Our Lord more than anything. 

            Pray, all of you, with great devotion and peace will be given to your spirits, and in this way you will prepare yourselves for God. 

            I will bless you. Amen. 



September 5th,  1990 

            My daughter: 

            You should pray every day the Holy Rosary, when you raise this prayer towards God, for the aching humanity, you make me very happy.  

            In this way you will make me known among the hearts that have forgotten me, and I will do big things for all my children, when you praise me, and praise God through me.  

            I will bless you. Amen. 



September 17th, 1990 

            My children:  

            Pray to the Father as He will listen to you, Jesus came, he prayed with you, learnt from The One who is all Love to the Father. 

            The Road, the Truth, the Life, and Him, is in the prayer, He will illuminate you so that you reach Him. 

Those who pray to the Father with devotion should not be afraid, because they will find Him through my Divine Son. Those who pray and don't sin will drink from his fountain. 

            I will bless you. Amen. 



September 20 1990 

            My children: 

            The world loves baal, he is materialism, and God wants to spread his Mercy on this earth and over the world, that’s why he asks you to look for "His Mercy". The youths love baal, they will fall one by one in the endless abyss of evil. Convert to God.  

            You should make these messages known, the MERCY is giving a great opportunity to the world, and soon, it can be very late. “MarĂ­a, Don't be afraid” 

            I will bless you. Amen. 



September 26th, 1990 (in prayer) 


            I will reveal what I want at the right time, meanwhile God requests prayer and penance, to forgive the sins, without prayer there is not regret. 

            MarĂ­a: The world is on the edge of genocide. My soul is sad, the clamor of the voices goes up to Heaven, to reduce to silence these ones let the prayers go up. Pray, pray, Poor my children, poor children! 

            I will bless you Amen. 



October, 1990 

            MarĂ­a my daughter: 

            Soon a very bloody war will start. 



October 18th 1990 

            MarĂ­a my daughter: 

            I want you to pray for the Peace of the world and I want you to do penance and offer it to the Lord your God. 




October 23rd 1990  

            (While I prayed the rosary) 

            That day I had a vision of the Holy Mother, wearing white clothes from head to the feet. First she extended her arms, and from her hands came out extraordinary white and transparent lights. Her beautiful face was intensely sad, and her face was looking down. Then she joined her hands in an attitude of prayer and then she looked up, without uttering a single word. 



December 8th, 1990 

(Being in prayer the Holy Mother said) 


            She spoke to me about all the offenses against our Lord that are permanent, and she showed me the Divine Heart of JESUS crowned with thorns. 



September 9th, 1991 


            The prayer is a means of union, between God and men. 

            One morning when I woke up and started praying, I had a vision of Jesus on the cross, and He said: 

            "I am thirsty, give me something to drink" 



March 11th, 1992 (in prayer) 


            Listen to your Mother's message as she cries for so many bewildered children. I want you to pray without stopping. How many sins offend our Lord! You should think that He died and He gave himself for all of you, in Cross death, you do not deserve God. 

            Pray all of you so that the world converts itself. 

            Pray, do penance, look at Jesus Christ’s Glory, read the Gospel, practice God’s Word, with sincere heart. 




July 4th, 1994  

            Early in the morning while I was praying, I saw in front of me, an ANGEL, when I saw him I felt a great joy, inside and outside me, a deep groan escaped from my mouth before the presence of this Angel of extraordinary beauty, it was not its beauty alone   what really impressed me, but his presence from where emanated a great joy and was transmitted to me, making me feel a great interior happiness, it was a very difficult experience so as to explain it with words. He was dressed in white and he had a cord tied around his waist, his aspect was hefty and radiant. When I saw him I thought he looked like a 17 year-old boy, his hair was blond and it went down just below his ears. He took a long stick in one of his hands that surpassed his head, and he touched the floor with it. 


            He stood in front of me and for a while (I don't know how long) he said nothing; he just looked at me firmly and with a lot of insistence. I asked him  

            Who are you?  

            A: I am an Angel; I belong to the royal guard of the celestial legions, under Saint Michael Archangel's orders, in the fight against Satan. 

            Then he told me: 

                                               Listen sincerely and pay attention. Do they believe God will allow people behaving abominably in His House? God is a Father that corrects. His LOVE reaches good and bad people, His patience is Endless, the anger of God has not still loosened against the merciless, because he is the only Creator of all the things that exists, He, is the power over the power, his Mercy is endless,  God’s Love can save you. 

Happy of you as you work well, blessed are your sufferings! (He remained quiet as if he was waiting for my words) I asked him 

            What shall I do? 

            A: I am a servant, He is the one that is sending me, be a good servant, do what I did. 

            Praised and glorified is the Lord forever, Blessed and Praised. 



March 13th, 1995  

(While I prayed the Glorious mysteries of the Holy Rosary) 

            That day I had a vision of the Holy Virgin, OUR LADY OF SHOENSTTAT MotherQueen and Victorious

            The Virgin and baby Jesus turned to life inside the picture, She, the Holy Virgin, was  smiling and the Baby was  also in the middle of a great and radiant light, the Divine Baby Jesus in her arms touched lovingly with his little hand the Holy Virgin's face, then the Baby bent over her and kissed  Mary’s Heart and then his little hand entered into the Virgin's chest, he took  in his hands the Virgin's Heart lovingly, and then he held it with his little hand like offering it, and while he made this, with his other little hand He blessed through the Immaculate Virgin’s Heart  the whole city and the world. 

            Their faces were always smiling and cheerful, inspiring great trust, then the vision left. 

            After this my soul was full of happiness, with great joy and interior peace. 



March 20th, 1995 

            MarĂ­a my daughter: 

            You should always trust my Son’s Sacred Eucharistic Heart; I want you to address him constantly in all your prayers. Today I ask you, daughter of my Heart to pray a lot for those who are ill and to try to make each soul and each heart to be attracted especially with force toward Christ's Heart as he suffers for each one of you, mainly for the sick people, let the Passion absorb you, step by step and ask for the sinners, you should concentrate my daughter in the empty souls and try to fill them with your prayer so that Jesus can penetrate  them. 

            That’s all my daughter, Praised is the Name of my son Jesus. 





March 22nd, 1995  

            Dear children: 

            Today I want to protect you from the evil, satan works, he will try to dominate you even through people, even through those that are in the Church, satan and his wicked spirits,  won't make them  known easily but rather they will be hidden with lamb skin, and subtly they will sow the evil, he will especially attack  the Church and all the places where the Word of my Divine Son Jesus is taught, he will settle in those places to try to lose them, and in his mortal trap many can fall, especially those who don't watch over the entrance of their hearts, that’s why I ask  you to permanently fast, to be in prayer and penance, mortify the body to make it stronger inwardly, I speak to everybody, remain vigilant because satan is watching over you and he always waits for the opportunity to get  you lost. 

            I tell you this, not to frighten you, but to prevent you, get ready as well as the earth gets ready for the sowing, day by day with perseverance, praise  God in each thing  you do, bless the Name of God.. 

            God bless you my children. 




April  1st 1995  

            That day while I prayed the Stations of the Cross (in my bedroom, I had the following vision) 

            I saw before the Tabernacle of the parish, Jesus' wounded Heart, the Heart had a deep wound, and when it beat, from the wound, thick drops of Blood spilled out. At the same time our Lord made me known the suffering that there was in that spasm, when the drops of Blood were released, it was physical and moral pain, that pain was something so inexpressible that I could not support it and I began to faint, and I felt that my heart would not resist, but our Lord took it off, if he hadn’t done so I would have died. 

            Our Lord showed me how much LOVE there is in his Adored Heart, How much LOVE he keeps in the Tabernacle, ALIVE and PRESENT! Immense, Endless LOVE for us, suffering through the centuries His Saving Passion! 

            The Holy Trinity is present in Jesus' Holy Eucharistic Heart

            After finishing this vision these words appeared 


            ADORE ME PERPETUALLY IN REPAIR"; and he inspired me the following prayer to be prayed before the tabernacle. 


            Jesus´ Holy Eucharistic Heart, I Trust in Your Mercy vastly. I ask you humbly to give me the faith that I need to abandon myself to your Endless Mercy because my human resources have already been drained and now it is only necessary to return with trust to your Endless Compassion, because I know that YOU won't ignore my request. Here I am Lord at your feet requesting with fervor you fix all my things and problems, according to your Love and divine approval that I know will be the best thing for me, grant me what I am asking for, if it is right for my soul. 

Pick up My problem, my Lord. 

            Take my heart! I trust you, Jesus´ Holy Eucharistic Heart. 

            I trust you, Jesus´ Holy Eucharistic Heart.                  

            I trust you, Jesus´ Holy Eucharistic Heart.                  

           I trust you, Jesus´ Holy Eucharistic Heart.   


April 21st, 1995  

(At Our Lady of. Shoensttat´s Sanctuary). 

            That day while I adored Holy Jesus, the Holy Virgin said, 

            Dear children: 

            Today I have come to you, to ask you to pray, and pray for all the people that are in  need, for those that are pursued, for those that suffer hunger and abandonment, for the heart-stricken and the sick, for the children victims of the world, because they walk in the middle of the evil, contaminated by the sin; if you don't pray my dear children,  humanity walks toward its destruction, you are the chosen, so that by means of the prayer you will be able to stop the punishment that is waiting for you. 

            Pray to the Father who is in Heaven, do it on behalf of his Son Jesus Christ.  

            Prayer, prayer, prayer. Listen to this Mother of Heaven who knows how to save her children, be humble my children, so that your prayer reaches Heaven. 

            Blessed and praised is God. Amen. Amen. 


May 10th, 1995 

            Jesus´ message: 

            When the day of the trial arrives, all of you will resuscitate, I assure it to you, from the first man Adam, and the first woman Eva, and with them the last of the last ones and on that day the whole creation will be expectant, sky and earth will see each other. 

            The Father, The Son and The Sacred Spirit, the Glory of Glories, blessed will be the saints and damned the damned ones. 

            I have sent you Mary my Mother, he who listens to her, listens to me. 



May 11th, 1995 

            When asking to the Virgin, about “women” 

            You are a woman!, the biggest yearning in my Heart, is that when you think about me, you should never separate me from my Son Jesus, I have been from my mother's stomach, conceived for Him, born for Him, my life is for Him, with Him and in Him, and now that I am with Him all my Heaven is Him. 

            Women of the world, the third millennium approaches, the woman is the one who will be the owner of this time. Be strong; do not allow the essence, which came with you when God gave you life, to get lost. 


June 13th, 1995  

            Jesus´ message: 

            The world never wondered, how many tears I have spilled for you during my Passion and how many bitter tears my Holy Mother has spilled, to help to the Redemption, I ask you to honor each tear that I spilled for you during those bitter hours, I promise the person who honors them praying every day of his life five Lord’s Prayer five Hail Maries and five Glories: 

1) To attend him with my Holy Mother, in the final battle of his life. 

2) The total conversion of his soul. 

3) A true contrition of his sins. 

4) On the day of the trial, to forgive him so that he enters with Me into the Glory. 



August 9th, 1995 

            Dear children: 

            Let God´s Love and Peace be with you.  

            Today I have come to ask you to pray the Holy Rosary every day, in order  to begin your conversion, the second step will be the amendment of your souls, by means of the Holy Sacrament of  Confession and the Holy Mass, and attend mass every day without being absent on Sundays. Be perseverant in the Holy Rosary's daily prayer, this simple way of prayer, will transform your lives, be perseverant in the execution of these three orders and you will be transformed soon; perhaps at the beginning it will be a little hard, but if you do so I promise you great Graces. You do what I am asking for soon, the conversion is urgent, I want to have all my children; The doors of  Heaven are open to all of you! 

            Open your hearts! Amen. Amen. 



August 15th, 1995 

            MarĂ­a daughter of my Heart: 

            I want you to  look at Heaven, where I  live in  Glorious body and soul, with the Angels and the Saints; look at me my daughter (she looked at me and  opened her hands and from them came out  lightings of pure lights ) and she said: 

            Just look at my happiness, take part of it my daughter; this is the gift of your Mother of Heaven, the one she wants to share with you.  

            My soul praises the greatness of God and my spirit is happy in the Glory of God, eternal  are God and Savior’s Mercies, happy are those who wait in God, because they will be satiated in the spring of alive water, and they will  be nor hungry neither thirsty because they will see  God. 

            Be humble my daughter, preach humility, you have sustained a great battle, don't be afraid I will be with you until the end; I am Holy Communion within your heart. 

Amen. Hallelujah. Amen. Hallelujah. 



September 5th, 1995 

            My children:  

            Don't be rebel in front of your Father who is in Heaven, on the contrary always offer him, thanks and commendations, to suffer everything with great resignation and patience, since the virtue of patience is the one that will Sanctify you, offer everything to Our Lord, don't look for the vain things of this world, but on the contrary pray, pray the Holy Rosary, as much as you can, the more you pray the more Graces you will get. 

            If you don’t pray and you don’t confess, at least once a month, you don't grow spiritually, and you give the opponent the opportunity to find you with little strength. 

            Convert yourselves my children! Make this known.

 Amen. Hallelujah. Amen.  

            God bless you. 


September 6th, 1995 

            Why are my messages kept? Ezekiel chapter 15 chapter 32 



September 25th, 1995 

            Dear children: 

            I speak to all my children those who have gathered today in so many places to worship me, I am so Happy!! Because I see each one of you, I listen to each one of you in particular, I see your hands asking me for Graces, I promise you to take all your requests to Heaven and to put them at the feet of the Holy Trinity, I am your lawyer, powerful intercessor before the Throne of God. I want your Prayer and your Reconciliation. He who does what I order, will receive true peace of JESUS´ EUCHARISTIC LOVING HEART and the healing of his soul. 

            I want to reiterate my order during this special day, CONSECRATE YOURSELVES TO THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY because my Immaculate Heart will succeed and those who are consecrated will succeed with It; and consecrate yourselves to my Heart with the Holy Rosary's daily prayer! Oh my sons, if you were able to know all the things you will receive when you pray with devotion the Holy Rosary. 

            Be happy in the hope of those who return to God! 

            Blessed and praised is the HOLY EUCHARISTIC HEART OF JESUS 

            Blessed and praised is JESUS, EUCHARITIC. 

            Blessed and praised is THE HOLY TRINITY present in the HOLY SACRAMENT. 

            Amen Hallelujah, Amen Hallelujah




October 13th, 1995 

 (Praying in my bedroom) 

            Dear daughter: 

            With happiness I receive all the commendations, prayers and tears of love for my Divine Son Jesus, especially today. 

            The world should be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. The time has already shortened; the signs will warn you that all the prophecies that I have given through time will be completed, it is absolutely necessary to move to an urgent conversion toward God. My heart of Mother suffers for those who do not listen to my urgent calls for conversion. 

            God allows me to warn you, about the terrible things that will happen to mankind because He is Merciful, in the darkness that is coming; the light will no longer shine. The most terrible tribulations are waiting for you, the physical tests that you will be obliged to pass will be completely unbearable but the spiritual tests  will also be more tortuous than whatever suffering man has suffered since his creation. 

            The opponent's hate will loosen then with all its strength and he will drive the nations of earth mad. The fire that will fall from Heaven will paralyze all of you with terror and the roar will be so great that it will move the whole Universe, after this only  3/4 parts of mankind will survive. 

            The sign that I have announced you will be seen in favor of the ones who have been chosen by God, He will give you time to be prepared waiting for that great moment, the children who have listened to me will be prepared, and on that day you will fall on bending knees as penitents and you will pray in this way: 

Holy Trinity let your Holy will be completed, Be Merciful with us, Be Merciful, Have Mercy, Have Mercy. Oh Merciful God, Mercy! 

     For the Blood of the Lamb be Merciful, 

     For the Passion of the Lamb be Merciful 

     For the Wounds of the Lamb be Merciful. 

     For Your Son,  God’s Lamb, listen to us      

     Father be Merciful in the Blessed name of your Son Jesus. Amen

            I ask you for an  URGENT conversion to Mary’s Immaculate Heart, to mitigate these horrors that will happen due to your sins, my little daughter, the world is sailing in a dirty pond, submerged in all kinds of sludge, already impossible to compare, since  something like this has never been seen since your creation.


 The nauseous and dense scent ascends toward God and there are just a few souls praying, the punishment is already at the doors. 

            My requests will stop the Hand of God, I ask for more prayers, especially from those who have CONSECRATED themselves, pray without stopping and Love God, love him who is SAINT, SAINT, SAINT.  

            Let the Sacred Fear toward God returns to your hearts! 

            Those that believe my words and convert their souls will be saved. My daughter make this message known, today like yesterday you have to make an URGENT CALL TO THE LOVE OF GOD. 

            I bless you, daughter of my Heart.                                 

Amen, Amen, Amen. 



October 29th 1995 (being in prayer) 

            Dear children: You think that Heaven is a distant and unreachable place. There are some who do not even believe in it, today I want to say dear children that Heaven is next to you. I invite you to go into a Temple and to go next to the Tabernacle and to look at Him, there you will be contemplating Heaven, here on earth, because JESUS is Heaven, and where He is, Heaven is. He is GOD! Put yourselves in prayer, knowing that He is present in all the Tabernacles of the world. Let Him guide you; do what He tells you to do. 

            I love you all.

 Amen. Amen. 



October 31st 1995 

            After taking communion, I had a vision, when I closed my eyes to speak with Jesus, the Face of the Sacred Shroud appeared in front of me but not as It can be seen, in a piece of paper or in a picture, but real, all  his Face was illuminated and his sufferings could be seen, that was impressive for my soul. He looked at my heart with his closed Eyes and I looked at him with my heart. 



November 5th 1995 

            My children: 

            I bring you a word from Heaven, HOPE, HOPE, HOPE! 

            How can my children understand the GOD´S LOVE if they live in despair? 


            Hope: it is to wait in God and just in Him; to wait everything from him, putting all your efforts, but looking at the hope that is in Heaven. 

            In the LOVE that GOD has for you it is the hope, because GOD is LOVE, and GOD´S LOVE contains everything. 

            Praise be to Jesus! 


November 6th 1995 

            Dear children: 

            I have come to visit you to fill you with blessings from Heaven, although many of you find it hard to believe; because you don't have faith, sons, if you open your hearts, this Mother will be able to take them to conversion, I bring you a lot of Love and Hope. 

            I want you to listen to my messages, I, Jesus' Mother is very happy among you because you have already begun to answer me and you will see that God,  will be in your hearts, especially the hearts of the youngest, as I have put my hopes in them. 

            I invite you to a radical change in your lives; follow my messages carefully because through them, I will teach you how to get closer to God. Thank you for opening your hearts! 

            This is time of Mercy. 

            There is a light that shines among you. Pray, Pray. 

            Bless and praise be to The Eucharistic Heart of Holy Jesus. 



November 18th 1995 

            Be conscious dear children that God is alive, next to you. 

            He is the creator of all the things that your eyes can see and even beyond that. 

            I want you to start thinking seriously about this, read the Holy Bible, ask the Holy Spirit for light to have a better understanding. 

            Amen, Amen  



November 18th 1995 

            Last night I had a vision: 

            I saw a garden full with rosebuds of white roses gathered.  

            When I asked about the meaning of what I was seeing, it came to me. 

            White roses symbolize purity. 



November 22nd 1995 

            Work, my children Work, Work with happiness for the Glory of God’s Kingdom! 



(In a private message) Prayer to ask for Wisdom

My God and my Merciful Lord! 

Give me Holy Wisdom that comes from your endless kindness,  

Open the eyes of my faith to the eternal light, 

So that they can see you, because your wisdom Lord, 

is more radiant than the sun. 

Lord, guide my thoughts with your Wisdom, 

So that, it can be the source of my knowledge and work 




November 25th 1995 

            Today I have a vision of the Holy Mother, in attitude of deep prayer, her face remains down. She has her hands together at the height of her face, for some minutes she remains in silence and then she tells me. 

            Dear children: 

            I am calling you all to conversion and you should pray a lot if you want this to happen. Ask the Holy Spirit for his work in your hearts by means of daily prayer, so that you can live as true Christians. 

            You cannot imagine how important prayer is. 

            She can open an immense channel of Graces, if you are perseverant. Start praying today, so that God’s love can fill all the spaces of your hearts. 

            Only the Holy Spirit can convert you and take you to Sanctity. 

            He is the one in charge of conveying all the Graces that come from the only SAINT, SACRED, the SACRED TRINITY. Blessed are my children. 

            Amen Hallelujah, Amen Hallelujah 



November 27th, 1995 

            I will try to explain with words what God told without words. 

            After taking communion with the Body and Blood of Jesus, the immense LOVE OF GOD invaded me. This immense LOVE arrived to my soul in deep silence, He remained in me and without words he told my heart that this infinite LOVE of God it is in all of those who receive It by means of the Holy Communion, in his infinite Mercy he communicates with every souls, even with those that don't receive him, to call them and to give them life, with his immense and present LOVE in the HOLY SACRAMENT. 

            And THE LOVE tells me to pray in this way: 

Oh infinite love that never stops calling! 

Oh infinite Passion that never stops suffering! 

You call 

You suffer 

And you love the souls  

Because souls of your Soul are 




November 28th 1995 

            Jesus says: 

            Nothing will be denied to the soul that asks for something trusting JESĂšS´S HOLY EUCHARISTIC HEART! 

            I call you and I wait for you. 



November 28th, 1995 

            Dear children: 

            Make yours, my Song ". Praise God with it. Because whenever you do this, the Angels and Saints in Heaven will do it with you. 

            Amen. Hallelujah. Amen. Hallelujah.    


"My soul sings the greatness of God, 

            And my spirit shivers of joy in God my Savior, 

            Because He looked with kindness at his servant’s littleness . 

From now on all the generations will call me happy, 

            Because the Almighty has made big things in me: 

            His Name is Sacred! 

His Mercy extends from generation to generation 

            Over those who are afraid of him. 

He displayed the force of his arm, 

            He dispersed those who are selfish. 

He demolished the powerful ones from their thrones  

            And He rose the humble ones. 

He filled the hungry ones with goods  

            And He let the rich ones go with empty hands. 

He aided Israel, his servant, 

            Remembering his Mercy, 

As He had promised it to our parents, 

            In favor of Abraham and in favor of his descendants forever." 



November 30th, 1995 

            After receiving the Holy Communion Jesus said: 

            "I am the endless kindness suffering for the souls. 

            Bring souls to my Heart" 



December 1st, 1995 (first Friday)

After receiving the Holy Communion, Jesus said:


Come close to my Heart, don´t be afraid, I will favour you. I am the LOVE, without limits.


December 1st, 1995

 (Being in prayer the Holy Mother said) 

            Dear children: 

            I am speaking to you during this time of Mercy. Don't miss it without coming closer to God.

            Amen. Amen. 



December 4th, 1995 

            Dear children: 

            The Holy Spirit inhabits you, because you are children of God. Don't live according to your bodies, but according to the Holy Spirit, think, and live according to the Spirit, Praying and requesting his strength to conserve the Grace. 

            Be in good mood my children, remain in prayer. I will always be with you. Amen. Amen. 



December 8th, 1995 

            On this very special day, I came my children to give you, my great Love for you. All my being has been preserved pure for the Holy Trinity. In my pure breast embodied the Immaculate and Sacred Verb, the Infinite Light that enlightens eternity. In the wonderful plan of God’s love  to save the whole humanity. 

            Meditate about this my children; put the light in your hearts, so that it begins to shine as torches. 

            Bless, Praise and Glorify God. 

  December 12th, 1995 

            Be obedient my daughter, complete the mission, you are messenger, an instrument of faith, you should obey God’s orders, so that the towns and the cities of the world can go further in the knowledge of God’s love. 

            The towns will praise him. Don’t be afraid! In the simplicity of your heart our Lord is revealed. 

            Praise be to JESUS´ HOLY EUCHARISTIC HEART.


December 12th, 1995 

            Dear children: 

            I have come to take you through the road of true life, "Jesus ". 

            This Mother will make your road easier. Open your hearts!, listen to my messages, I want you to begin  walking together, through the road that drives to Heaven, Pray the Holy Rosary! Praise God’s Glory with it.

            Glory to God. 


  December 13th, 1995  

(after receiving the Holy Communion) 

            Jesus says: 

            "I am the eternal Lover of the souls. Look at the Glory of my Divine Heart, in flames with Love for you, exposed to all sights. 



December 17th, 1995 

            Dear children: 

            I bring you the light that you already have in your interior, but you cannot see it because of your sins, I will help you so that you can see Christ's light in your hearts. 

            The work of Lord’s MERCY for this town, will cross frontiers and it will be spread over the whole world. 

            Sons convert yourselves! All of you should listen to my teachings, Peace arrives, Love arrives, be happy due to this unique and urgent call to find God. 

            Praise be to God! 


December 19th, 1995 

            Dear children: 

            Adore my Baby Jesus, as we adore him with Joseph, start adoring him with your heart, let Him begin to be born in your homes during this Christmas. 

I am speaking to you about a very special Grace for you my dear children; don't allow it to pass by without conversion. I love you all. 

            Hallelujah, Hallelujah. 



December 27th, 1995 

            Loved children return to Jesus, start looking at it from the moment when he is born. Look at the poverty, where the Savior is born. 

            Start to live with the Divine Baby Jesus, dying to yourselves and being born to Celestial things. 

            Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

December 27th, 1995 

            Dear children: 

            I exhort you to live as true Christians, GOD´S CHILDREN, and in this way your work will be good and true; worthy of God’s Kingdom.                                                                                           

Hallelujah. Hallelujah. 





December 28th, 1995 


            Sons pray day by day, to get to know WHAT IS GOOD and to reject WHAT IS WRONG. 


            Amen. Hallelujah. 






January 1st, 1996 


            Dear children: 


            I want that you start this New Year next to the Mother of God. 


            Put your desires in my Heart so that I, as Mother of Jesus and your Mother, can help the love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to work inside you. 


            The infinite Love of God, wants to help you to mature in FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY through me. So that   the perfect work of God’s Love who is Savior is carried out in your lives. 


            Be happy my children, praise the Holy Trinity. 


            Convert yourselves! 


            Amen Hallelujah Amen Hallelujah. 






January 2nd, 1996 


            Dear sons: 


            Pray the Holy Rosary in family, think that when you do so, I am with you, start now, with this New Year. I want to be in all the homes, to help you through out the difficulties. I want you to know me. 


            Lord is giving you this Grace as a present, don’t be indifferent. I Love you!. Amen. Amen. 






January 5th, 1996 


            Pray one for the other my children; remember that God wants the best for you. Be good with your siblings that suffer, during the prayers once you have asked for your necessities ask for the others. 


            You don't live alone, due to the Endless Love of God you have siblings and they should share with you the Love and the Peace God. 


            Bless God and bless your siblings, and in this way you will   please the eyes of God, you will receive great spiritual benefits and God’s Peace will come to your hearts. 


            Live this, as I am teaching it to you! 


            Amen Hallelujah Amen Hallelujah. 






  January 7th, 1996 


            Dear children: 


            Remain together in prayer toward the Almighty, feel hungry of his Love and you will be filled with his infinite Love, which can do anything. Don't miss this moment of Grace. The infinite Mercy exhorts you to an urgent conversion. 


            Recognize yourselves as God’s children, listen to His Word and allow it to penetrate in your hearts, implore this Grace to His Divine Love.


Amen. Amen. 






January 8th, 1996 


            MarĂ­a little daughter of my Heart: 


            Praying with the Holy Rosary means being near my Heart, every time you pray it my eyes remain looking at you, my Heart listens to you, and I become more insistent in my request. 


            I am a bridge of union between you and the Holy Trinity. I bless you.


Amen. Amen. 






January 11th, 1996 


            Pray! My Children, Pray! With intense love, darkness is already hanging over Humanity. Take the weapon! It is the Holy Rosary. My children do what I am ordering you, so that the Light conquers the darkness.


 Amen. Amen. Amen. 


            The Holy Virgin is in white and she has her face bathed with Tears and before speaking she allowed me to look at her face. 




  January 11th, 1996 


            Jesus says: 


            Which right do you have to admonish your Priests? Didn't I teach you to love everybody? 


            If you are my town and you are rotten, each one of you carry a load of sin. First you should pay your debts so that I forgive you, be real managers to start a work of rebuilding in its fair measure, be afraid of God. Guard the doors of my Kingdom with my infinite Love. 






  January 17th, 1996 


            I saw a dry field, full with thorns and overgrowths, with a beautiful garden in the middle of it, full with rosebushes with enormous pink roses, contrasting with the field. I also saw gigantic trees, full with enormous pink roses. 


            The Mother tells me: 


            Many difficulties are waiting for you now. The beautiful garden is my Heart, in the middle of the world, the roses represent those that pray the Holy Rosary, and they grow as gigantic trees, going up to Heaven with many spiritual fruits. 


            He who gives me his heart and prays the Rosary should not be afraid of anything of this world, since this Holy prayer raises them above all the difficulties and it protects them especially from all danger, bringing them next to God fast, it makes them grow inwardly, preventing them from being contaminated with  wickedness. 


            This protection is what God gives to those who pray the Holy Rosary. 


            Teach this. Amen. Amen. 


  January 18th, 1996 


            Jesus says:  


            "Come to Me, all of you who are overwhelmed, I will alleviate your load". Come to find shelter in My Holy Eucharistic Heart. 


            The Mother! Holy Mary says: 


            When My Divine Son speaks, Heaven and Earth are prostrated in adoration. Each Word of God has the weight of all the eternity. Obey him and praise him by means of the prayer. 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 






January 19th, 1996 


            Sacred Mary says: 


            I tell the youths: open your hearts to this Mother of Heaven, so that she can teach you which is the only true way toward happiness. If you allow me to enter in your lives, I will guide you through the way to rightness, I will show you the true morality, the one you should have in your lives; I will teach you to be pure of body and soul, in order to know the true happiness that is born from Jesus' Heart, my Divine Son. 


            Put Jesus in the center of your lives. 


            Amen. Amen. 






January 25th, 1996 


            Thank you for listening to me! 


            I will ask you to live in prayer praising the Celestial Father continually. You will be able to make his Will only if you have the force and the light that the Holy Spirit will give you through prayer. 


            To start, fast! at least once a month. Fasting means being deprived of something because you love Jesus. You don't know the power of fasting and prayer. 


            Start fasting and praying and the power of darkness will be defeated!. 


            I love you.  Amen. Amen. 






February 1st 1996  


            Dear children: 


            Pray for the Peace! For the peace and the love that should reign in each home and in each heart. Especially the peace of hearts. 


            Convert yourselves entirely to the Lord!, you should always try to do what he wants, don’t allow anything to prevent you from doing so, to do so, fight in the middle of the difficulties. 


            Put yourselves in prayer, in order to discern which God’s will is in your lives and to be able to carry it out. 


            Find peace in your hearts through prayer.           


            I love you to all. Amen. Amen. 






February 2nd, 1996 


            You are dear and blessed children by God, pay attention to my messages, because in them God is calling to a true conversion. Amen. Amen. 


            Read Psalm 14. 


February 3rd, 1996 


            Dear children: 


            I am your Mother! I invite you to put all your hope in God. 


            Constantly praise to God, in every act of your lives, grow inwardly through prayer. You cannot live with happiness if you don't have God in your hearts. To live a true Christian life, start looking at Jesus; try to understand the divine things, until you are able to fill your thoughts and your hearts with God’s  Love completely. 


            Put interest to know which one the Father's Will is, praying with insistence and fasting. 


            Look at the brother that suffers. Spread your hands to those who need most, putting in your hearts the burning desire to pray for them. And by this means you will achieve incredible things from God’s Love. 


            Be strong in your prayer and peace will increase in your souls. 


            You are blessed!  Glory to God! 






February 7th, 1996 


            Dear children: 


            Be real followers of Christ, according to the teachings He left you. 


            Open the Sacred Gospel! And begin to give God Glory. Learn his Divine Word and what He sends. The Word of God is not to live according to the world, but to get ready to live in Heaven. 


            Be happy my children! God is Merciful with those who are humble of heart; don't allow this special moment to go by. 


            Amen. Hallelujah. Amen. Hallelujah. 






February 8th, 1996 


            Dear children: 


            Be strong during this moment; glorify God with your lives. Praised God during each moment of your life, fulfilling your obligations and giving each one the best you have. 


            Work always with the Holy Spirit of God, in this way you will be conquerors and your Father of Heaven will call you using your name, and he will recognize you as his children. 


            Pry my dear children, pray.        


            Amen. Amen. 






(The Roses) February 11th, 1996 


            Pray my children! And believe in the Gospel. 


            Convert yourselves to God! And all the towns of the world will find peace. 


            Pray intensely, so that many souls return to Lord. Pray for the people who are ill, because many of them suffer without even knowing God’s Love, pray for them my children, pray. 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 






February 12th, 1996 


            Dear children: 


            Return your eyes to the Holy Sacrament, source of fertile life and eternal health. Learn to know your present God in all the tabernacles of the world. Pray intensely in front of Jesus Eucharistic. Put yourselves in His Hands sincerely so that Jesus who is Love, can transform you in this way. Remain humble and respectful in his presence. He is God! Teach this. 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 






February 13th, 1996 


            Come my children to my Immaculate Heart. This maternal Heart will be your strength. I will always preserve you, I offer you my Immaculate Heart full of Love for you" 


            Amen. Hallelujah Amen Hallelujah. 






February 14th, 1996 


            My children: 


            I am sad because many of you suffer the consequences of this time; most of you try to solve the problems far away from God. For many of you, God doesn’t exist. 


            This is a time of Mercy. I invite you to live deeply in Love. Open your hearts to the Love of Jesus Christ and He will listen to you and you will move away from the darkness, your souls will open up to receive the Spirit of God, and the Divine Wisdom will be your guide. If you want to be free you should reconcile soon with God. 


                        I love you, Amen. Amen. 






February 16th, 1996 


            My loved children: 


            I want you to understand how big it is the Love of the Father of Heaven. Some of you live in complete darkness, but due to the Divine Mercy, you will receive God’s Love, as well as those who live with  the Holy Spirit’s light. 


            My children I have come to bring you HOPE, and in this way those who are walking in darkness are going to be illuminated. 


            Don't live the misfortunes of this world, as if it was your last aim; watch everything with the light of  faith in the Word that Jesus left you, He suffered everything, that is why  you should remain firm in the road that takes you to Heaven. 


Convert yourselves! To illuminate the world, reflecting with your lives my Son’s Divine Heart, Jesus. 


            Glory to God! Amen. 






February 17th, 1996 


            Pray to God with the Holy Rosary, invoke God’s protection, by means of this prayer that is powerful and soon you will feel in your lives the force and the light of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Rosary is the most beautiful ornament of your soul; go for it at every moment. 


            I am in the Holy Rosary, as God’s Daughter, God’s Mother, God’s Wife and loving Mother of all of you. 


            I love you my children!  


Amen. Amen.  






February 19th, 1996 


            In the prayer my sons you remain joined to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. 


            When you leave the door of your hearts open with your prayer, to God’s infinite Love, you receive extraordinary Graces. 


Amen Hallelujah Amen Hallelujah. 






February 23rd, 1996 


            Dear children: 


            Come closer to the infinite “Love of Jesus' Eucharistic Heart." 


            These are preparation times. Don't waste time in vain things of this world, leave behind you the spirit of evil. 


            Listen to my messages with meditating spirit, I am speaking to you dear children so that you grow spiritually, be kind and merciful; trust the Infinite Kindness of God., in order to be perseverant doing his work with his Graces as good Christians. 


"Return your eyes to Jesus Christ." 


            Amen. Amen. 






March 2nd 1996 


            The Mother says: 


            "I am the Glory of this town" 






March 3rd, 1996 


            My children: 


            Let the Father's Love, the Son's Sacrifice and the Holy Spirit’s Hope, appear in you


            Offer the Holy Trinity your work and prayers. Enjoy the good things of this world, as something ephemeral. Bless and thank God’s infinite generosity that sends them to you. 


            During this time of preparation you should meditate God’s word with deep humility to be accepted in Heaven by your God Father, He who knows your hearts. 


            Amen. Amen. 



March 4th, 1996 


            Dear children: 


            You are in the world because of God’s love. 


            Follow God and convert yourselves during this time of great Mercy. 


            Open your eyes to the Light of the world, because he is the Redeemer. 


            Because a time will come when you will be called to trial and after that, there will be abysses separating what is good from what is wrong. 


            My children, Heaven is waiting for you. Come to my Immaculate Heart and I will guide you toward God. 


            I love you intensely.  


Amen. Amen. 






March 5th, 1996 


            Dear children let God’s Love and Peace be with you. 


            I have come today to tell you that you should remain together in prayer. In order to combat the wicked enemy who is trying by all the possible means to take away the peace from you, especially the peace of homes; sinking them in discouragement and anguish, to take them away from the Love of God. 


            Pray in the streets with the Holy Rosary relieving Mary’s Immaculate Heart. 


            The Rosary is your salvation board. 


            Pray strongly one for the other, with charity for the brother that suffers. 


            Put all your hope in God. 


Amen. Amen. Amen. 






March 6th 1996 


            My sons: 


            Remain attentive to God’s Love. 


            I have come today to tell you, what God wants from this town. Be faithful as his children, knowing how to be a true Christian. 


            Bless the Father; He is patient with you, with his Infinite Generosity. Listen to God’s Word as it is a Word of Eternal Life; and work according to it if you don’t want to fall down. 


            Those who abandon God’s right road will drag heavy chains and the light will not shine in their hearts. Grow my children in his Holy Wisdom and you will be tied to your God. Teach this.  


Amen. Amen. 








March 6th, 1996 


            "Consecrate yourselves to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus; it is an urgent call of God’s Love. 


            Be obedient my children I am God’s Mother." 


Amen. Amen. 






March 7th, 1996 


            God says, "Be Saint", let it happens. 


            My children pray for this intention. 






March 8th, 1996 


            Dear children: 


            Raise your eyes to Heaven and ask God in his Divine MERCY for regretting hearts. Amen 






March 8th, 1996 


            Don't faint! Don't allow your knees to bend before the spirit of evil. God wants your conversion. Fast and do penance.   










March 9th, 1996 


            Dear children: 


            Be responsible for your Christian conscience; in order to live the true freedom that God has given you. 


            Live the Gospel according to the Love. Help the others in the Love and in this way each one will receive the necessary in order to remain on the road. My children you should pray for this intention.      


Amen. Amen. 






March 13th, 1996 


            All of you are called to the loving encounter with your Father God, teach this. 


            Amen. Amen. 






March 14th, 1996 


            My children: 


            I exhort you to look at the wonders of Father’s creation. Blessed and adored is his Saint Name, He who created everything with his Immense LOVE. 


            Be Regretful! 


            Return to God’s flock and you will live. 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 








March 15th, 1996 


            Adore the Holy Sacrament; adore him with your heart, with your soul and with your whole being. In this way ask for what you need with trust, and my dear children you will receive what you   need to be worthy children of God. Live your lives with whom is Infinite Love, present among you in the Holy Sacrament. 


            Come closer to his Table and eat from him. 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 




March 18th, 1996 


            Dear children: 


            Don't look for material comforts; look for comfort in the prayer. 


            Pray with faith in the middle of difficulties to have faith in God. 


            Live with hope in your hearts. Find shelter in my Immaculate Heart and you will succeed. 






March 19 1996 


            Praised be the High one! 


            My children, I ask you during this time of conversion to meditate about your lives, below the light of Gospel, because it is a Word of life and Holy Wisdom. 


            Look at your consciences and be in peace with God. 


            Lift the spirit toward God with true contrition from your hearts. 


            Open your hearts to Jesus' Eucharistic Heart! 


            Amen. Amen. 


March 21st, 1996 


            During this day I had a vision of Jesus' in prayer. It is night time and there are many stars in the Sky. 


            A voice tells me: He knows his sheep! I understand this inside my heart. 


            God knows all of us and each one of us, during different times and circumstances of life. 


            The good Shepherd is our hope. HE looks for us, HE knows us and HE looks at us from a time of Eternity.  He calls us. He who hears him comes closer to his spirit of Love and He remains in us with his LOVE. 




            Saving Soul of Jesus Christ, consume my soul until the last drop of desire for myself and satisfy it with the fervent desire for Your Love, for the souls. 


            Let the drops of You Redeemer Blood fall over my heart, transform it and take it toward your Divine Heart. 








March 26th, 1996 


            Dear children: 


            I have come today to visit you, with the mission of taking you near Jesus, my Divine Son. Listen to my words and practice them with integrity and awareness, put your hearts under my command so that they can penetrate you with the light of the Divine Spirit and you get to know JESUS CHRIST, your Savior. Amen. Amen. 










March 27th, 1996 


If you want a world full of love "LOVE GOD ABOVE EVERYTHING".








April 2nd, 1996 


            MarĂ­a my daughter: 


            You should support all the tests with a great love for Crucified Jesus. The grace of God will be with you. 


            Let the fruits of your heart be given to the neediest souls, when you are in prayer.                     


Amen. Amen. 






April 3rd 1996 


            My daughter: 


            Raise your heart toward my SON'S Cross to understand the whole mystery of his Love. 


            Remain in the Cross next to Jesus and your heart will be filled with blessings. 


            This is God’s promise. 


            Amen. Amen. 






April 4th, 1996 


            JESUS says: 


            Look at me and adore me in my Holy Eucharistic Heart, you are in ME, when you eat My Body and you drink My Blood my infinite LOVE is in you. 


            Holy Mary says: 


            Through the miracle of the HOLY SACRAMENT, you penetrate in the intensity of the TRINITARIAN LIGHT. 






April 5th, 1996 


            My daughter: 


            To give yourself away to the mystery of the Cross is to convert yourself. When you hug the Cross because you love Jesus, bitter things become sweet, pain becomes joy, desperation becomes peace, and hate becomes Love.          


            Amen. Amen. 






April 5th, 1996 


            At the feet of the Cross and in cruel agony, God’s Glory received a painful Mother, while her Heart was opening up. 






April 7th, 1996 (Resurrection Sunday) 


            Glory to the Power of God! 


            Glory to the Holy Spirit! 


            Be happy and Rejoice yourselves in the Resurrection of God! 


            Glory to God! 


            Glory to God! 


            Glory to God! 






April 8th, 1996 


            My children: 


            Convert yourselves! To God permanently, be like Jesus, and in this way those who look at you will recognize in you a true Christian.    


Amen Hallelujah. 




April 9th, 1996 


            Feed permanently from God’s Word, and try always to do what he wants. 


            All the time that goes by without lifting your eyes toward Heaven is a wasted time. 


            Amen. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. 




April 10th, 1996 


            My children work with happiness in the fields of God, because a time will come when you will pick up what you have sowed. 


            Be humble and perseverant while you ask for God’s Grace.


            Hallelujah. Hallelujah.




April 13th, 1996 


            (Today, I saw the Holy Virgin in deep sadness and anguish, dressed in white and her perfect face seemed to be bathed in perspiration). 


            My children: 


            I have come today to ask you to pray, and pray with great urgency for the Peace of the world, as it is seriously threatened by the terrible iniquity of God’s enemy's. 


            Trust my Immaculate Heart as it will guide you in the middle of terrible tribulations. I will be your Guide, don't move away from my guide, don't separate from the Holy Rosary and pray permanently with it, I am your Mother and as a Mother I am speaking to you. 


            Today’s message is very hard and difficult to understand by those who live forgetting God’s presence, and even by those who having conscience of God live unworried about saving their souls, living according to the flesh and the world. 


            Terrible things will wait for you my children if you don't return your eyes to God, the tremendous punishment that God will send is about to start. 


            I will reveal you a part of it and I will do so to take you to prayer and sacrifice. In this way you will have some hope to mitigate it with your prayers. This punishment is terrible. This is a warning full of GOD´S LOVE toward humanity. 


            Many religious souls will fall and they will move away from God’s road to live in the warmness of the world, the priests that stay won’t be different from the worldly ones, they will follow the way that will take them to the apostasy, nuns will also follow this  road and many good souls will get lost because of this. The world without religion and without God will be the house of wild beings and animals, and they will change the human physiology, in this way the body will look like the souls. These terrifying humans transformed into Satan’s pupils will take advantage from the havoc due to the big and imminent punishments  falling over the world. They will pursue the good ones in ferocious hunt. There won't be any difference of sexes, and for a period determined by God, Satan’s Kingdom will reign. But my IMMACULATE HEART will separate the darkness and the horror from my consecrated children. God will wait for the conversion toward my Immaculate Heart until the last moment, so that everyone will have the opportunity to survive and to receive the pardon of God’s INFINITE MERCY. 


            Pray, pray with intense Love. 


            â€ś Holy Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, in you I trust." 






April 19th, 1996 


            Don't look for a remedy for your wrongs, in the world. 


            Stick to the Holy Rosary!


            The Rosary has been given to give you comfort and happiness. 


            God is pleased when you praise him with simple devotion. 


            Amen. Hallelujah. Amen. Hallelujah.   






April 24th, 1996 


            Dear children: 


            I have come to teach you the way to Love, Jesus. 


            He is Road, Truth, and Life, and he who loves him truly won't fall down. 


            Amen. Amen. 






April 25th, 1996 


            Dear children: 


            Believe in God and you won’t be afraid of anything. 


            Accept with Love all the things God has to send you. 


            You have life because of His Infinite Love and Holy Will; and this life will last until eternity, if you love God above everything. God didn’t create anything in vain, but the things of this world are vain. 


            GOD´S INFINITE LOVE lives in you my children, purify yourselves leaving your sins behind, Soon!. 


            Go to the Holy Church looking for my Divine Son Jesus and you will find him, Oh! My sons, you cannot understand yet how much your God loves you. If you would know his LOVE, you would live with joy. 


            Learn! My sons and put peace in your hearts. 


            Convert yourselves soon!. 


            I love you and I bless you. 


            Amen. Amen. Amen 






April 30th, 1996 


            My children: 


            You have a great responsibility during this time; that is to pray for the peace and the love among men of the world. 


            If there is peace and love in you, there will be peace.  


            You will be able to love if you give yourselves away to a life of prayer, moreover, if you convert your lives into a prayer for God. 


            Give up all the excesses and don't sin. Open your hearts up to God’s word and allow   yourselves to be guided by it.  


            Recognize God my sons, bend your knees in front of JESUS EUCHARISTY, and let him save you. 


            How much Jesus loves you! 


            Blessed are my children 







May 3rd, 1996 

            What can afflict you my children? 

            You count on “God’s infinite Love". Convert yourselves and nothing will lack from your lives again. 

            Pray to Heaven with perseverance! 

            Be Jesus´ disciples! 

            Amen Hallelujah Amen Hallelujah. 



May 8th, 1996 

            (Holy Mary says) 

            "I am Your Mother and Protector" 

            My mission is to bring you near Jesus' Love. 

            I want to have all my children near my Heart. 

            Pray with faith and hope to your God. 

            I love you. 

            Amen Hallelujah Amen Hallelujah. 



May 13th, 1996 

            Today I had the following vision: 

            I saw a custody with the Holy Sacrament, she is in the middle of an immense light, She is surrounded by a crowd of Angels who are prostrated before her, at her feet I saw a rosary. After this vision I saw the Holy Virgin completely dressed in white. She was in the middle of the radiant light that always comes beforer her. She is wearing a golden crown on her head, her hands remain together at the height of her chest, and in them there is a Rosary that seems to be made of gold. She looks down and she says: 


            "I am the Holy Rosary's Queen I ask you to pray; make Sacrifice and Penance so that God’s Peace and Mercy go down over you. 

            Adore Jesus, your God, as the crowd of Angels adored Him in Heaven. 

            Pray the Holy Rosary every day, to be forgiven for the insults and sacrileges which are used to offend Jesus' Holy Eucharistic Heart and Mary’s Immaculate Heart. 

            Pray with your heart if you want to be healed spiritually. 

            The immense LOVE OF GOD is being given to you my children. 

            Pay attention to my wishes and convert yourselves soon (and then splitting her hands up and she blessed us) I bless You.               

Amen. Amen. Amen. 


May 15th, 1996 

            My children: 

            Invoke the Name of God!, don't follow the wrong road, come closer to the truth of the Gospel, road toward Eternal Life. 

            Pray to have your hearts joyful and full of Hope and to be blessed by the Love of the Holy Spirit. 

            Don’t hesitate, because when you pray God is always guiding you. 

            Praise the Glory of God! 

            Hallelujah. Hallelujah.


May 16th, 1996 

            Blessed be the children who work according to the Holy Spirit’s love because they will succeed in their fight against the evil. 

            Remain in prayer and ask for the presence of God’s light by your side. 

Convert my children to the Love of the HOLY SPIRIT!. 

            Amen. Amen. 



May 19th, 1996  

            Saint is God in his immense Glory! 

            Saint is his Love that brought down Heaven for you! 

            And Saints are my children because they are God’s children.      

            Amen Hallelujah Amen Hallelujah. 

May 20th, 1996 

            Thank God my dear children, for all the things He has given you and trust his Kindness and Mercy praying with confidence at every moment. 

            He will listen to you all. 

            Be faithful because He will comfort you and He will make you stronger with his Spirit. 

            Amen. Amen. Amen. 



May 22nd, 1996 

            My children give yourselves away to God with generous heart; do not be mean with your delivery. 

            God knows all of you, and He will reward you according to your work. 

            Ask God for sanctity. 

            Thank God and Bless his HOLY SPIRIT. 

            Praise be to God. 


  May 24th, 1996 

            Jesus tells me: 

            I want to be listened to and I order you to speak to the world about my "Holy Eucharistic Heart". Everyone should come closer to my Infinite Love with confidence. 

            Our Holy Mother says: 

            Return your eyes to Jesus Eucharistic, feed yourselves with the Love of his Holy Heart, listen to and love God. 

            Amen. Amen. 



May 25th, 1996 

            Blessed you are my children!! 

            I have come today to bring you the Son, the Father and of the Holy Spirit’s blessing and love, in order to convert you. 

            I will be with you on the way to purification; I will be the light guiding your steps. 

            Consecrate yourselves to Jesus' Eucharistic Heart and to Mary’s Immaculate Heart and the light will shine in your hearts. 

            The door is open my children, come to Me and I will be with you to go through the threshold. Thank you for listening to me. 

            I love you all. 

            Amen Hallelujah Amen Hallelujah. 



June 4th, 1996 

            Today the Mother has shown her Immaculate Heart. And she says: 

            This is my Immaculate Heart! 

            Come closer to it! 

            During these times of tests for the humanity, the light of my Heart will shine in the middle of the darkness. 

            I won't leave you; I will guide you with security with this light. I will melt the ice of many cold hearts with the heat of my Love, and in this way those who have reached God’s peace and those who have purified from all the filthiness and idolatries, will be called to share the Celestial banquet as true children of God.                 

            I love you  

            Glory to God! 



June 5th, 1996 

            Don't be afraid! No creature should feel abandoned from God’s hand; instead you should be encouraged to be strong Christians in the world. 

            Fight! Without fears because you have been chosen by God, and do everything on his Behalf saying thank you and praising his Love. 

            You are children of the light, and salvation is your destiny. 

            Teach God’s Word and pray with perseverance. 

            Amen. Amen. Amen. 



June 6th, 1996 


            My Divine Son Jesus wants to be adored, praised and blessed by the whole earth, his HOLY EUCHARISTIC HEART. 

            Everyone should know God’s will. 

            Amen. Amen. Amen. 



June 7th, 1996 

            To my young sons who are far from God’s Love. I tell you: 

            Open your hearts! 

            Don't allow you to be contaminated by the spirit of the world, but to find satisfaction in God’s kindness. 

            Raise your eyes to Heaven and pray with your heart to the One who created all the wonders of the creation, and be aware of his Omnipotence, because he supports you with his Infinite Love. 

            Feel his constant Holy Presence in your hearts. 

            Blessed are my loved Children! 




June 9th, 1996 

            Holy Mary says: 

            On this important day you should remain in constant prayer, raising your hearts toward God’s Holy Spirit and in this way you will be able to understand the greatness of the Holy Sacrament. 

            This is the biggest miracle of God’s love. 

            Praise be to God because of his great Mercy.                 





  June 14th, 1996 

            Praised be to God!, in his Holy Heart. 

            Dear children, I ask you to meditate sincerely about your lives, looking deeply at your hearts. 

            This is a time of Love and Mercy and it sprouts from the Divine Heart without measure, all of you are called permanently. 

            Open your souls! 

            The Divine Heart is waiting for you; don't take a long time before answering. 

            I love you and I bless you. 

            Amen. Amen. Amen. 



June 17th, 1996 

            My children you should purify your thoughts, always thinking about the Word. He who does this will have the Holy Spirit’s love in his heart. 

            Amen. Amen.  



June 18th, 1996 

            He who has God in his heart has everything, because only God can do everything.

 Think about this my children.                                                                                                              Amen. Amen. Amen. 



June 21st, 1996 

            Don’t be afraid my daughter, I trust you , I have put my hand on your hand. 

            Teach what you have received with whole sincerity and simplicity, don't add anything, don’t remove anything from what God has sent you. 

            Consecrate yourselves to the Holy Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. 

            Pray and meditate my messages putting all your hope in God. 

            Many will be unbelievers but God’s strength won't abandon you, the effort will be great. 

            The fact that I am so close to you is a very special Grace of God. 

            You have been favored. Let it give a lot of fruit. 



June 24th, 1996 

            MarĂ­a my daughter: 

            As you see me and you listen to me, I am close to all my children; make it known, everyone should come closer to my Heart with trust. 

            Glory to God! Amen  



June 25th, 1996 


            Look at my face paying attention, because it is the image of the happiness in Heaven, because many warm hearts beat again with love. 

            Teach this.  

            I am Mother of Hope 

                        I give to the one, who requests,  

                        To the one, who searches  

                        To the one, who doesn't know. 

                        I am the guide in the road toward Hope, and Jesus is Hope. 

            Glory to God! 



June 26th, 1996 

            Dear daughter: 

            Blessed you will be abundantly in the Holy Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. 

            Saint will be your work and saints will be the people surrounding you. 

            Saint is my Divine Son Jesus in his Holy promise. 

            Glory to Jesus!  

            Saint, Saint, Saint! 



June 29th, 1996 

            Today I tell you my children: 

            Love the Holy Church deeply. Pray together for the Holy Father to my Heart every day. Preach the Word and live it giving you away. 

            Live for Jesus Christ, with Him and in Him. 

            Join Jesus' Heart. 

            Amen. Amen. Amen. 


  July 2nd, 1996 

            God should be praised and blessed by all his creatures. 

            Amen. Amen. Amen. 



July 3rd, 1996 

            Blessed you are my children! 

            Blessed are those who help and understand! 

            Blessed are those who are faithful to Jesus' Eucharistic Heart, my Divine Son. 

            Glory to God! 



July 9th, 1996 

            My children don't be afraid because I am with you; I am Source of Light and Love. 

            I have separated the darkness from the Light of my Heart, so that you are not confused during these times of serious errors, walk holding my hand asking for an urgent conversion. 

            Pray, Pray, Pray and start  fasting twice a week. 

            Preach and live my messages, so that you are able to see great things in you and in your families. 

            Be obedient my children!, understand this well. 

            I love you and I bless you. 

            Amen, Amen, Amen. 



July 13th 1996 

            Praised be to God!, in all his creatures. 

            Blessed are Heaven and Heart!. 

            Blessed are my children!. 

            Blessed are your Priests in the Holy Eucharistic Heart of Jesus!. 

            Glory, honor and adoration to the Holy Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, my divine son, present in the Holy Sacrament. 

            Amen Hallelujah Amen Hallelujah. 



July 16th, 1996 

            Blessed are my children! 

            Thank you for the love of your hearts!. I invite you to live Jesus' love with humble heart, to be favored by the Light of his Heart and to give a lot of fruit. 

            Be happy and thank God, who has looked at you and has chosen you among many others by the Glory and Blessings of his Sacred Heart, present in the Holy Sacrament among you. 

            You are Blessed, you will be Blessed. 

            Teach this. 

            Amen Hallelujah. Amen Hallelujah. 


  July17th 1996 

            Dear children: 

            Today I send you the peace of My Heart as it will open you the road toward conversion. 

            I bless you with the peace and Love of my Immaculate Heart. 

            Amen Hallelujah. Amen Hallelujah. 



July 29th 1996 

            Glory to God! 

            Praised be to God! 

            Dear children: 

            I will take you to God. Days full of happiness are waiting for those who trust my words. 

            Blessed are my children. 

            Amen Hallelujah. Amen Hallelujah. 



July 29th 1996 

            Dear children: 

            Blessed is God! 

            Bless Him with your hearts full of love for God. 

            Obey God! 

            Obey Him with your hearts full with love for God. 

            Blessed is God! 

            Bless Him all the time and thank Him for his LOVE. 

            If you adore his Divine Will you will feel that God’s Spirit remains in you. 

            Amen, Amen. Amen.  



August 1st, 1996 

            Adore God! 

            Just Adore God! My children look at Heaven where the Holy Trinity inhabits. 

            Adore the HOLY SACRAMENT, and in adoration ask for his Holy Presence. 

            God is Love! 

            God can do everything because his Love is infinite. 

I  Bless you. 

            Amen. Amen. Amen. 



August 15th, 1996 

            "I am your Mother of Heaven!" 

            I am in Heaven in body and glorious soul. 

            My children, today, I have come especially to you because today is a day of victory of my Immaculate Heart that lives and reigns forever next to the Holy Trinity. 

            Glory to God! 

            Praise is God’s Glory! 

            Bless God today, praise his greatness. 

            Put your hearts next to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. 

            My messages should be meditated, don't keep them in a drawer, read, meditate and begin to pray to the Holy Spirit so that He can turn them into a reality in your lives. 

            Let Jesus' Love and Peace reign in your hearts, I bless you abundantly. 

            Amen Hallelujah, Amen Hallelujah 



August 17th, 1996 

            My children: 

            Pray to the Holy Spirit; offer him everything you do every day. 

            If you pray you will receive holy inspirations for each thing you carry out. 

            Believe, be Saints, be Jesus´ true temples. 

            I bless you.        

            Amen. Amen. Amen. 



August 18th, 1996 

            Dear children: 

            Don't look for the vain wisdom of the world, but the Light coming from God, where God’s infinite and eternal wisdom lives. 

            You have everything because God is with you in the HOLY SACRAMENT." 

            Put yourselves in attitude of prayer before God as needy children. 

            Experience this grace because it is hope. 

            I love you and I bless you. 

            Amen. Amen. Amen. 



August 19th, 1996 


            My sons 


            Praise be to God! 


            Return to God’s way!, because through it you will certainly reach God’s Kingdom. 


            I am your Mother of Heaven and I love you. I have come to call you to a greater life of prayer, to start liking the things of Heaven. 


            Begin to pray with me during this time because it is time of Hope and Mercy. 


            Don't miss this moment, I bless you. 


            Glory to God! 






August 22nd, 1996 


            Get up my children! 


            I am God’s Mother 


            "Queen of Heaven and of Earth!" 


            Consecrate you all to Mary’s Immaculate Heart and in this way I will be Queen of your hearts. 


            If you consecrate yourselves, a powerful force will join you. 


            I will transform you inwardly. 


            I will be permanently with you in your lives and Christ's Light will shine in you. 


            Pay attention to my words to let the seed grow and give a lot of fruit. 


            Glory to God! 






 August 26th, 1996 


            Pray my children. Rise prayer to your God at the beginning of every day. 


            Seek for protection in your prayer. 


            Put yourselves and your families in Jesus´ hands. Ask for God’s protection. 


            Be aware of the wicked one who will try by all possible means to take you away from God, putting fear and depression in your hearts. 


            Be strong in your Faith by means of daily prayer. 


            Praise be to God! 








August 27th, 1996 


            I love you my sons and I come as fast as I can to comfort you when you come closer to me with trust. 


            You have a powerful means to come closer to my Heart; and it is by means of the Holy Rosary's prayer. 


            Praying this pleasing devotion you can get Graces. 


            Ask for what you need my sons! 


            Ask for the conversion of your hearts and everything else will be granted. 


            I bless you. 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 








August 30th, 1996 


            My children: 


            Be true Christians; be aware of what this really means. 


            Open the Holy Gospel and get to know God’s Mercy towards you. Let the Holy Spirit work in your hearts. 


            Nobody survives alone, but due to God’s Mercy. 


            Praised is my Divine Son Jesus! 


            Praised is forever! 


            I bless you  


            Amen. Amen. 




September 2nd of 1996 


            Sons: Let charity be so necessary in your lives as the water you must drink. 


            Preach this. 


            Glory to God! 






September 3rd, 1996 


            Praise be to God! 


            Be Perseverant and humble. 


            Invoke God!, with perseverance 


            Be decided to do good things and to avoid bad things. 


            Trust God! He will protect you: Raise your hearts, join his Sacred Heart. 


            Amen. Amen. 






September 4th 1996 


            My children convert yourselves. 


            I ask you to do this! Return to God as it is time of harvesting. 


            You are blessed today. 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 






September 5th, 1996 


            Sons light your hearts with love, praying continually. 


            Offer fasting and sacrifices to have Peace in the world. 


            I want you to be small instruments of God’s love. Complete these saint orders I’m asking you. 


            Pray all of you the Holy Rosary, bend down lowly and ask for Peace and Love in the      world.                                                                                                                                             If you pray with your heart, peace will enter in your lives and in your families and God’s love will become visible in you. 


            Don't be afraid! I will always be with you, praying with you. 


            I am God’s Mother. I am your Mother. 


            You are blessed!. 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 








September 7th, 1996 


            Be humble my children! 


            Humble of heart. 


            Regret and admit you are to be blamed. 


            Open your hearts! Go toward Jesus' encounter. 


            Nothing can be more beautiful than a soul in GOD’S GRACE. 


            Jesus loves you in his Infinite Mercy.                 


Glory to God! 






September 8th, 1996 


            My dear children: 


            Today I have come especially to bless you and to tell you that my Heart of Mother is very happy, because many of you have begun to walk with me. 


            You are chosen to grow in Jesus´s love, due to his Glory and Blessing his Name. 


Many difficulties are waiting for you but with my help you will be able to do everything. 


            Invoke His name in prayer and you will experience His Mercy, and so immense it is that it will be difficult for you to imagine. 


            I bless you. 


            And I saw the Mother lifting her right hand with her Rosary, and she blessed us looking thoroughly down and smiling sweetly. 






September 11th, of 1996 




            Be like children! 


            In order to allow the Holy Spirit to start working in you. 


            Be helpful and merciful with those who suffer. 


            Open your hearts! 


            Don’t let charity finish, live always in love, and in this way you will be known in Heaven. 


            God is infinite LOVE! 


            Preach this. 


            Amen Hallelujah Amen Hallelujah. 






September 13th 1996 


            Today while I was in prayer I saw the Holy Virgin who full of great splendor and glory came down with Angels from Heaven, she was dressed in white, a blue kerchief and a white veil. She had her hands in attitude of prayer and a slight smile in her beautiful face. 


            My soul raised before the solemnity of the vision. A star shining as the sun appeared in front of the Holy Virgin. The Virgin knelt down later in deep adoration, and then in the middle of a golden light I could only see the HOLY HOST and Jesus' wounded Heart and the Holy Virgin’s voice said: 


            "Blessed and adored is the Holy Eucharistic Heart of Jesus." 


            "Blessed and adored is the Holy Eucharistic Heart of Jesus." 


            "Blessed and adored is the Holy Eucharistic Heart of Jesus." 


            After that our Mother said: 








            I asked HER: 


            Do you want to be named in this way? 


            And She said: 


            "Yes, this is how you will know me." 


            And then with a sweet smile she raised her hand she blessed us and she ascended. 






September 15th, 1996 


            Our Lord says: 


            "If you want to be Mine come to Me." 






September 16th, 1996 




            "Don’t worry about mundane things, enjoy the things from Heaven." 


            Amen. Amen. 






September17th, 1996  


            My sons: 


            Pray the Holy Rosary with Love 


Offer this to my Immaculate Heart. In this way you will reach wisdom, God’s things, you will know me and you will know God. 


            Glory to God! 






September 18th, 1996  


            Praise be to God! 


            Persevere in the prayer and doing good work. 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 






September 24th, 1996 


            My sons: 


            "I invite you to celebrate this party praising God". And I exhort you to open your hearts to his Love. 


            Pray to the Holy Spirit and he will give you Peace and strength now. 


            I am Jesus' Mother and I bring you the Light of Hope. 


            Blessed are my children. 


            Amen. Hallelujah. Amen. Hallelujah. 






September 25th, 1996 


            Blessed are my children! 


            Blessed are those who live according to the Word of God! 


            Blessed are those who overcome all the tests because they love his Name! 


            Blessed are those who reject the prince of the world and are faithful to the Lord! 


            On this special day I encourage you, my children, to walk in hope, and JESUS is Hope. 


            Purify your hearts and live as true children of God, loving God above everything. 


            I will always be with you 


            I love you intensely. 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 






October 2nd, 1996 


            My children: 


            I’m going to produce a town full of love to God. 


            You should always work well and reject the wrong. You should constantly bless the Name of God and bless everybody in the Name of God and in this way God’s Peace and Love will always shine, the peace and love that are always among you, present in the Holy Sacrament. 


            Amen. Amen. 






October 3rd, 1996 


            My sons don't make my Heart feel sad persevering on the wrong road. The Lord who is your God is too offended because of many and abominable sins that you make daily and there are some who never feel regret for doing so. But because of his Kindness and Infinite Mercy God is patient with you. 


            Convert soon my children!                                                                                                                    Amen. Amen. 






October 7th, 1996 


            There is no better decoration for the soul, mainly for the soul in God’s Grace than you honoring me with the Holy Rosary's daily prayer. 


            And every time you pray my children, I am very close, and I intercede before Our God Our Lord for you. 


            Blessed is God! 


            Blessed are my children! 






October 10th, 1996 


            My children: 


            Don't offend our Lord any more! 


            You don't take part in Christian life. 


            You permanently look for mundane satisfactions which convert you in sterile Christians, because in those vain pleasures you don't meet my Divine Son Jesus. 


            To live thinking about vain things leaves in your hearts tremendous holes which are impossible to fill. 


            Return your eyes to God!. 


            Lord is all yours and he is waiting for your true conversion. 


            Give yourselves away to God and trust Him. He is your strength. 


            I love you all of you. 


            Amen. Amen. 


October 12th, 1996 


            The Holy Virgin says: 


            My Heart remains sad, because many of you are far away from the Merciful Love of God. 


            Although they are  being constantly called. 


            These children have closed their ears and their eyes and nothing touches their hearts, they are hard and cold. But my Immaculate Heart’s love will insist till the end. 


            My children pray for the others and for you. 


            Praise and bless be to God. 


            I love you all. 


            Amen. Amen. 



October 13th, 1996 


            Preach my messages, be obedient and live in peace with everybody. 


Praise the Divine Providence and thank all its benefits. 


            Pray and fast because you love Jesus and his Holy Mother requesting for urgent conversion and Peace in the world. 


            Be humble and perseverant when praying for the Peace of the world. Pray the Holy Rosary for these intentions and do it every day. 


            Don't take a long time to preach my messages. 


            I love you and I bless you. 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 






October 18th, 1996 


            I ask you for open and generous hearts, in order to understand this special grace that Jesus Savior is giving you. 


            Amen. Amen. 






October 19th, 1996 


            Dear children: 


            Today I want to guide you toward Love. 


            I want to offer the Love of my Immaculate Heart. And through it I will take you to Jesus' Divine Heart. 


            Give your Mother your hearts and I will take you to total conversion. 


            Give God glory! 


            Praise be to God! 








October 20th, 1996 (in the morning) 


            Dear children:  


            My Heart is very sad because many hearts are hard and cold and cannot receive GOD’S LOVE. These hearts cannot be moved by anything and they only pay attention to their own interests. 


            They are full with vanity, longing for all the honors of the world, dressed in stone. 


            If you knew how big my suffering is for these children, who damage themselves, not being docile to the Holy Spirit’s love. 


Listen to God’s call and convert yourselves, every day, every hour, every minute and every second, and Your Father of Heaven will listen to you when you invoke Him. 


Blessed is God! Glory to God! 






October 20th, 1996 (in the afternoon) 


            Pray, Pray, Pray, for all those who are far away from God’s love. 


            Preach and live my messages opening your hearts. 


            Think deeply about them. 


            You are all my children and I want to convert you in true servants of God. 


            Amen. Amen. 






October 21st, 1996 


            My children escape from materialism and prefer God’s things because they are sober and simple. 


            The more you pray to the Holy Spirit the simpler your lives will be. And God’s Peace and Love will live among you. 


            Amen. Amen. 






October 25th, 1996 


            My children: 


            Pray the Holy Rosary every day! 


            Ask for the souls who are far away from God’s love. 


            It is necessary to pray day after day to rescue these souls who are submerged in sin. 


            Pray for the ill people and the heart-stricken people and indeed you will be instruments of God’s Love in the world. 


            On this special day many children are looking confidently at my maternal Heart. And my Heart listens to the children, all of whom love me and trust my powerful intercession. But I tell you: Everyone is heard by the Holy Heart and today you will be especially comforted. 


            I, your Mother, have come to strengthen you in the Love for Jesus. 


            Obey my commands, be docile to fulfill my desires and I promise you a radical change in your lives. 


            "Follow the Lord". He is God. 


            You are blessed. 


            Amen. Amen. 






October 26th, 1996 


            My children: 


            Do not utter many words, but a few and truthful ones, founded in the Holy Gospel, to please God and to defeat the enemy. 


            Amen. Amen. Amen.  






October 27th, 1996 


            My children: 


            Praised it is God! 


            Praised it is the Glory of God! 


            God has prepared your hearts, to receive this great manifestation of his LOVE. 








November 5th, 1996 


            For you my children those who take heavy crosses, I tell you that you should have hope in God. Don’t let your strength decrease, don't put your arms down, be perseverant in the prayer to the "Holy Eucharistic Heart of Jesus". Look at Him and offer him all your sufferings and hardships, and indeed you will be alleviated and comforted by his LOVE. 


            Glory to God! 






November 6th, 1996 


            My children pray for those who still have their hearts closed and pray for those who remain erect and satisfied with their empty lives. 


            How many of my children insist on the wrong way! 


            Pray because God can demolish those who are proud and look again as your Savior. 


            Pray and purify your consciences. Don't waste time. Bless the time while God’s LIGHT remains with you. 


            Thank God for his immense Love. 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 






November 7th, 1996 


            Dear children: 


            I am praying permanently for you I intercede for you before the Holy Trinity and the enemy will not perturb your hearts. 


            I pray because I want you to know the Lord and to be aware of JESUS CHRIST real presence IN THE HOLY SACRAMENT. 


            I pray so that you are able to make present God’s Kingdom in your lives. 


            My children nothing will be possible without The Lord, and all of you will get everything with Him. 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 






November 8th, 1996 


            Blessed are my children! 


            Blessed are abundantly those who listen to God’s Word and practice it. 


            Blessed are the families that are pleasant before God’s eyes. 


            Blessed are those who suffer and the poor and disabled ones. 


            Blessed are those who bless God’s name! 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 






November 9th, 1996 


            Dear little sons: 


            Visit God! 


            Your hearts should remain in silence in front of the Tabernacle. 


            And He will teach you. 


            Think about this. 


            Amen. Amen. 






November 12th, 1996 


            My sons: 


            Today I want to invite you to pray at every moment of the day. As a loving Mother I want to take you through the way to God, it will lead you to Heaven. 


            Open your hearts! And I will guide you to a meeting with God. 


            If you don't convert it is because you pray just a little or nothing at all. 


            How great is my Divine Son's Love! He is willing to forgive the sorry sinner.                 Amen. Amen. 






November 13th, 1996 


            My sons: 


            Live according to the Holy Gospel, doing good things and hating the evil. Since all the good things come from God and all the wrong things come from Satan. 


            Don't hurt anybody in any way because God receives the pain you are trying to cause to your brother. 


            The enemy will try to make you fight and he will try to divide you, he will try to sow hate nowadays. 


            That is the way in which the clever enemy will try to remain among you. 


            My dear children, that is why I am asking you to pray permanently, in order to recognize God’s love among you and my loving presence of Mother. 


            I invite you to a profound reconciliation with God, Don't allow yourselves to be cheated by the pride. 


            Pray and start fasting to strengthen yourselves through the tests.             






November 20th, 1996 




            Pray the Holy Rosary and you will remain next to Me. 


            It is necessary for you to join my Heart through this simple prayer. I want you to understand this: if you pray just a little I am with you just a little time. If you are perseverant in your prayer you will feel how your love toward the Lord your God grows inside you. 


            It depends on you; I am waiting for you my sons. 


            Think about this. 


            Glory to God!  




November 26th, 1996 


            I ask my Mother if she is happy with the booklet of “Messages "; I show it to her... She smiles with great happiness and she tells me: 


            My Heart is full of happiness together with the Angels of Heaven, he who owns this booklet with messages will own my Heart, because I am in each one of them. 


            You have attracted over your town a rain of blessings. 


            Praise be to God! 


            Amen. Hallelujah. Amen. Hallelujah. 






November 26th,  1996 


            Dear sons I want to share with you the happiness of my Immaculate Heart, with those who already know me and walk holding my Hand. 


            I want to reach in the hearts that still don't know me, to take into them a new hope. To take them to Christ Jesus' Light, I want to fill their lives with hope, to teach them the only way toward what is good. 


            To place Light in the darkness, happiness in the pain, health in the illness. 


            I want to help them, my sons, Embrace my Pure Heart! I am speaking to you my children because I want you to start praying next to me. 


            God is waiting for your urgent conversion.  


            I am with you; my mission as a Mother is to guide you through the road that takes you to God. 


            Blessed is God! 


            Amen. Hallelujah. Amen. Hallelujah. 


(In a private message) 


            ...Keep preaching my messages, and especially the devotion to the EUCHARISTIC HEART OF JESUS, don't be weak, every soul should be consecrated, and indeed everybody will receive the Infinite Mercy of His Heart. Preach your Consecration, warning that every consecrated soul will receive all the Graces coming out from God’s Divine Mercy. 


            This Consecration, to Jesus' Holy Eucharistic Heart will leave a seal of eternity in your souls and it will produce a great change in them. It will be the key to open the souls for conversion. 




 November 27th, of 1996 




            Pray with a fervent heart. Don't allow anybody to drag you into darkness. 


            "Loving God means praying profoundly for Him"  


            I love you and I bless you. 


            Amen Hallelujah Amen Hallelujah 




November 28th, 1996 


            Dear children: 


            Today I invite you to prepare your hearts for Christmas. As your Mother I want to ask you to live this time with a different attitude. 


             Those who have good health, start fasting in penance and repair at least twice a week. And indeed when Christmas arrives you will enjoy peace and happiness. Do everything on behalf of God. 


            I bless you. 


            Amen. Amen.






November 29th, 1996 




            Ask God for the gift of faith! 






November 30th, 1996 


            My children: 


            Let all your thoughts remain in Jesus. 


            Adore “Jesus“ in the Holy Communion. Give yourselves away completely to Him. 


            Amen. Hallelujah. 






December 4th, 1996 


            My children: 


            I am still waiting for many souls who are  not decided yet. 


            Trust my intercession! 


            My Heart is in fire with Love for you. 


            Don't be afraid!, come closer to me, give yourselves to my Heart. I want to be known more, more loved, more worshipped as the Immaculate Mother of the Divine Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. 


            Preach this.       


Amen. Amen. Amen. 






December 6th, 1996 


            Praise be to God! 


            Blessed are those who listen to God’s word. 


            Blessed are those who listen to Me. 


            Blessed are those who fight to conquer the wickedness of this time. 


            Blessed are those who conquer them for love of God’s name. 


            My children pray and love Jesus' Heart, my Divine Son with all the things that make you who you are. 


            You are Blessed.                                                                                 






December 7th, 1996 


            My sons: 


            Pray next to my Immaculate Heart. 


            My Heart is the source where you will find the necessary strength to face all the difficult situations. 


            You are blessed. 


            Amen. Amen. 




December 8th, 1996 


            Praised be to God! 


            My children: 


            Today I want to pray with each one of you, to be in each heart who invokes me, rescuing the souls who are far away from the Divine Heart of Jesus. 


            I am blessed because I am Jesus' Immaculate Mother. 


            My children glorify the Holy Trinity. 


            Glory to the Father! 


            Glory to the Son! 


            Glory to the Holy Spirit! 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 






December 11th, 1996 


            My sons: 


            Be Saint, as Saint is the Lord. 


            Sanctify yourselves in the Love. Consecrate your souls generously to the Lord, and indeed He will do what he needs with your hearts and you will reach the plenitude of his LOVE by means of this Consecration. 


            I love you and I bless you. 


            Amen. Amen. 






December 13th, 1996 


            My Sons: 


            Pray for the people in pain. Be faithful to Jesus´s Gospel because he is God and Savior. 


            At this time of preparation for Christmas, open your hearts in a way that allows Jesus to be born in them and turn you into messengers of faith. 


            Praised be to the Lord! 


            Amen. Amen. 






December 14th, 1996 


            Praised be to God! 


            My sons, today, I want to grant you special blessings and to offer you the overflowing happiness of my Immaculate Heart. 


            I want to give you special Graces, Love, Peace, Strength so that you begin walking toward sanctity. 


            I want you to be very happy on this road toward sanctity, and indeed you will experience the sacred happiness coming from God. 


            I want to help you to reach this happiness. 


            I’m waiting for you. 


            You are blessed! 


            Amen. Amen. 




December 17th, 1996 


            Praised is my Divine Son! 


            Work with mercy my children. Be patient and try to understand the others. Every Christian should carry out this kind of duties. 


            Put peace in your hearts. 






Escape from every division and problem; do not give place to the opponent, because you can be used by him. 


            Find shelter in the prayer and your spirit will be inclined toward the good. 


            My sons you should try to defeat the meat and the world constantly. You will succeed, if you join Jesus in the Holy Sacrament daily." 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 






December 20th, 1996 


            The Mother says: 


            "Saint is Baby Jesus, present in the Holy Communion" 






December 22nd, 1996 


            My sons: 


            Prepare a stable in your hearts, with sincere heart. 


            Be humble and simple as children in order to receive the Savior in your hearts. 


            Glory to God! 






December 23rd, 1996 


            My dear sons: 


            The Baby Jesus can be reached by everybody. 


            Receive him with happiness and without weaknesses. 


            Bless the Father of Heaven. 


            Glorify Baby God present in the Holy Communion 


            You are blessed! 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 






December 24th, 1996 




            On this unique and only day in the history of the world, we waited with Joseph trembling with love, we were very united and in profound prayer. That was the holiest moment in the world; God’s Son was going to be born. 


            Before being born Joseph and I adored him in the Tabernacle of my Pure Stomach, alive and Divine Host, inside my Being. 


            I am Jesus´s first worshiper next to Joseph. Do you understand my daughter this immense gift to mankind from our Father in his infinite LOVE? 


            My Boy's Divine Heart beat inside my being, then Heaven opened up and the Father became present in the poor Stable of Nativity and he received his Son, then the small Baby God and Man was put in my arms and with Joseph, my husband, we adored the presence of the Holy Trinity. 


            Night of Love, of prayer, of adoration, of Peace. 


            Be saint daughter of my Heart in the name of the Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit. 








December 26th, 1996 


            Glories and blessings for the Holy Trinity! 


            Adore Baby Jesus because he is the Light of the world! 


            Wake up sons, and begin adoring the present Boy's Divine Heart in the Holy Communion. Feed yourselves from this Holy Bread and He will convert you. 


            Live this Communion in body and soul and indeed you will learn how to love. 


            I am God’s Immaculate Mother and your Mother. I am in my Divine Son's Heart; he who trusts Me will reach God. 


            You are abundantly blessed today. 






December 29th, 1996 


            Children if you want to deserve Heaven leave behind you the wealth accumulated in your heart. 


            There is so much wealth in some hearts that transformed into material goods they would throw a shadow over the richest people of the world. 


            Be humble inside your hearts my children; don't accumulate treasures that won't serve you in Heaven, because due to their weight you won't enter into it. 


            Be humble! 


                        Amen. Amen. 






December 30th, 1996 




            During this time of conversion try that the arrogance and the envy don't turn your hearts into blind ones. Take care of this enemy because it is so harmful for your souls. You cannot deceive God. 


            Glorify God with humble heart. 


            I bless you. 


                        Amen. Amen. 






December 31st, 1996 


            My daughter: 


            Pray, smile and bless all your siblings. Let God’s peace be your permanent company. 


            Glory to God! 






January 1st 1997 


            I am God’s Mother! 


            I have placed my eyes and I have put my Heart over my children of the world. 


            I keep all my dispersed children of the whole world in my Immaculate Heart. 


            I am with you because of God’s will, to exhort you to an urgent conversion. 


            My sons pray, pray don't leave the Holy Rosary. 


            Be blessed today and let God’s Peace, love and Blessings descend over all my children in the whole world. 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 




January 8, 1997 


            Dear children: 


            Find shelter in Me because I am your loving Mother. 


            Don't look for momentary solutions for your problems, thinking like the world thinks, because you would carry useless spiritual loads. Think about you as God’s children and Jesus Christ’s servants. Look at his Divine Eucharistic Heart, offer him all the love of your hearts and your load and problems will be alleviated and Peace and happiness will return to your lives. 


            I Love you. 


            Amen .Amen .Amen. 






January 10th, 1997 


            My children: 


            Pray and fast! 


            Raise your hearts to Heaven. 


            Don't pay attention to the things which are not important, ask for strength and perseverance to pray. 


            Don't forget the charity toward your neighbor, be aware of Good and be careful because satan appears lying and seducing you, to tempt you, if you pray his power won't reach you, I am praying for all of you. 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 






January 19th, 1997 


            My children: 


            I am waiting for you! Day after day. Come to Me and find shelter in my Immaculate Heart, I want to spread my blessings over you. 


            The necessity of love grows in your hearts, because you my children live in a world where material things seem to be something essential if you want to be happy. 


            I have come to transform you inwardly with the heat of my Maternal LOVE, and you will understand the love of Jesus' Divine Heart. 






January 21st, 1997 


            My sons: 


            Get ready! During this time of conversion. Open your hearts with prayer. 


            Pray to the Holy Spirit in order to allow his Light and his Love to guide your steps. 


            Wake up! And pray constantly and you won't fail. 


            Praise be to Jesus Christ! 


            Amen. Amen. 








January 24th, 1997 




            I want to spread over you my children great Graces, I ask for your constant prayer, because this is time of conversion. 


            I have come to wake up God’s true love in you. 


            Let God’s peace and love be with you and spread over the whole world. 


            Amen. Amen. 






January 25th, 1997 


            My sons consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart. 


            Preach this CONSECRATION. 


Pure Mother I want to consecrate my heart, my will and my entire life.


Take me to the Heart of your Divine SON JESUS, so that he can live in me.


My Mother I want to be absolutely yours and from now on I will serve you faithfully in everything you ask me to do.


Be sweet company during my life, do not allow me to leave you, and at the time of death come for me, in order to enjoy eternity in your company.


Praise be to Holy Mother – Amen


            "Blessed and praised you are my Mother for ever." 








January 31st, 1997 


            Praise be to our Lord! 


            Blessed you are my children, I want you to pray together to the Holy Spirit because with the strength of the prayers you will be able to stop wars, hunger, suffering and natural disasters. 


            Don't leave your Christian lives, save time during the day to pray, remember my order, let the desire to pray to be born in your hearts, and pray with strength to God to do what he wants you to do, this is how satan will not be able to gain more souls. 


            Glory to God! 








February 25th, 1997 


            I was praying the Holy Rosary, I was praying in front of the image of the Holy Virgin of the Rosary and on her forehead I saw a dark shape, like a cross. 


            After the Holy Communion, the Holy Virgin told me: 




            The cross of ash that you see on my forehead is a sign of conversion and penance that I request to all my children during this special time of Easter. 


            Be regretful for your sins and purify your hearts, do not waste these days without doing so. 


            Get ready for the Lord! 


            He is calling you, go to his Holy Heart, and don’t offend him any more. 


            On this special day I will bless you with the immense Love of my Immaculate Heart. 


            Amen. Amen. 






June 1st 1997  


(Solemnity of Corpus Christi) 


            Being in prayer I saw Our Lord with great magnificence, glory and splendor. 


            He called me by my name 


            MarĂ­a:  he said later, look at me... 


            And I saw in his chest an impressive Heart of meat, red, bleeding and beating. I felt an immense heat as if I was inside a blaze that burned me completely. And at the same time a big beatitude raised my soul toward Him. 


            I understood that God, I don't know how, had introduced me in his Sacred Heart, there I felt God’s perfect light, and the sweetness and softness of his LOVE. 


The Lord said: listen carefully to this command from my Infinite Providence. 


            Adore me and honor me above everything to repair and to relieve the insults, forgetfulness and sacrileges committed against my Divine Love’s Sacrament in the whole world daily. 




            The Adoration to the Sacred Sacrament should be known and advertised, as true devotion to my alive Heart and presence in the Holy Sacrament." 


            My Love for the souls is so great my daughter that I will open the doors from Heaven to everyone who receives me and pleases me. 


            I bless you my daughter with the strength of my LOVE. 






June 6th, 1997   


(Solemnity of the Holy Heart) 


            The Lord said: 


            Be mine, all of you! Give yourselves away to Me. 


            Trust Me completely! 


            Come to the fire of my Infinite Charity 






Julio 16th, 1997 


            Saints are my children in the Holy Eucharistic Heart of Jesus!! 


            Amen. Amen. Amen. 






August 15th, 1997 


            Praised is the Lord! 


            On this very special day, I bless you my sons. 


            I am Jesus' Mother and your Mother of Heaven. 


            Be small and humble and consecrate to my Immaculate Heart today. 


            My children Convert to the Lord! 


            Love everyone with sincere heart, let forgiveness be the Light of your hearts, and indeed God will bless you abundantly. 


            Give yourselves away my sons to the Love of the Divine Heart. 


            Consecrate to his Divine Heart, with a clean and pure heart. Pray my sons pray for this intention. 


            Blessed and adored is the Divine Heart! 


            Remain in the burning Love of the Divine Heart. 


            Saints you are my children. 


            Amen. Hallelujah. Amen. Hallelujah. 






August 29th, 1997 


            Praised is The Lord! 


            If men don't convert and they don’t listen to God, many wars and pests will fall over humanity, tell them to return to God, they should listen to his Word, they should pray the Holy Rosary every day; many hearts are very hard and many ears remain deaf to my messages. I want to be listened, pray for this intention... I will pray to God for your intentions. You are blessed daughter of my Heart. 


            Amen. Amen. 






September 13th, 1997 


            Praised is Jesus Christ! 


            On this special day when you honor God’s mother I want to spread blessings over all my children, especially over those who suffer and those who are heart-stricken. 


            I want to comfort them and to encourage them with the Love of my Pure Heart. Come to your Mother, my little sons and all of you will be satiated in the shelter of my Immaculate Heart. 


            On these days I invite you to pray with your hearts. Pick it up in the Love of Jesus' Divine Heart.  


            Pray to soften your rebellious hearts. 


            Read my messages, read them with pure heart, they are a powerful means to take you to Jesus' Holy Eucharistic Heart, where the Salvation and Sanctification of the souls are. 


            Turn into Jesus´ true friends. 


            Preach this, my daughter; preach it to the whole world. 


            Saints are my children! 


            Amen. Hallelujah. Amen. Hallelujah. 












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