… Hours of Operation?

Every day except Saturdays the Sanctuary can be reached from 8:00 to 18:00 hs.

On Saturdays you can enter the sanctuary from 8:00 till 12:00 at which time the gates will be closed. It is only on Saturdays that the Holy Rosary and the intercession pray takes place.

Sick , handicapped or people who cannot make it to the top by their own means are taken to the top of the Sanctuary starting at 10am. The Holy Rosary is started on Saturdays at 12:00 sharp.

The intercession pray starts right after the Holy Rosary which is approximately at 13:30. Intercession pray is finished when the last pilgrim willing to, has received the intercession.

Remember nobody is allowed to enter the Sanctuary after 12:00 on Saturday, not even handicapped or sick people.


… How can I pray the Holy Rosary through internet?

Every Saturday, weather and technology permitting, the pray of the Holy Rosary is streamed live through internet to everyone who wants to see it. Just get to this web page and select the option “Live Video”.


… How can I check activities at the Sanctuary for the next weeks?

Since 2001, the Holy Rosary and the intercession pray through Maria Livia takes place every Saturday. In the web page, under the “Calendar” option you can verify activities taking place at the Sanctuary and whether Maria Livia will be present.


… Can I confirm if Mrs. Maria Livia will be on the Saturday I am planning to go?

Mrs. Maria Livia is usually present every Saturday and after the community prays of the Rosary, the intercession pray is started for every pilgrim who wants to receive it. To verify if Mrs. Maria Livia will be present in any specific weekend, please check the web page. Any Saturday marked as “Recess” or “Receso” means Maria Livia will not be present that particular Saturday.


… At what time is the Holy Rosary prayed?

The Holy Rosary starts every Saturday at 12:00. Remember it is only prayed on Saturdays, the other days of the week the sanctuary is open for your own pray.


… How can I get to the Sanctuary?

The Sanctuary is located at the top of a hill in the outskirts of Salta city, Capital of the state with the same name, which is located in the north of Argentina.

From downtown Salta, the drive is no more than 10 minutes. Most every city Cab knows how to get there.

Please be aware that to enter the Sanctuary through the North entrance, you are using private access that our neighbors have kindly opened to the public but only on Saturdays. On weekdays, access can only be done from the city through buses and/or cabs that enter from the “Tres Cerritos” neighborhood. On these days, access through the North entrance is banned to the public.


… How can I organize my trip to the Sanctuary?

You can organize a trip to the Sanctuary by yourself.

There are multiple ways to access the city, several hotel accommodations and also ways to access from downtown to the Sanctuary. If you need any information on how to get to Salta or where to stay, you can check the web site of the Tourism department of Salta at or call them at +1(387) 431.0950 from outside of Argentina or (0387)431.0950 from inside Argentina.

To access the Sanctuary you don’t need to have any special authorization or tickets of any kind. You just have to get to the sanctuary, and climb to the top. There are no “reserved areas” except for the elderly or sick or handicapped. The rest of the pilgrims, just access the Sanctuary and gets seated in the designated areas by order of arrival and wait patiently for ach ones turn to receive the Intercession pray. Once received it, you can start your way back home descending to the base of the hill.

Under all circumstances, all organizational and/or pecuniary aspects of any pilgrimage is 100% determined by each group, without any kind of participation nor benefits from our Immaculate Mother Servers group.


… Is the Sanctuary open only on Saturdays?

The Sanctuary is open every day of the week, Sundays included. But the pray of the Rosary and the intercession pray only happen on Saturdays.


…Can I be ridden to the top?

The usage of the Vans or trucks to get to the top is exclusively for those that are impeded to do so walking; such as sick, elderly, pregnant women, mothers with newborns, etc. All others, including the group accompanying that person, will be asked to climb atop walking on their own. The impeded person will be waiting for you at the top of the Sanctuary. If you are not really impeded, please walk your way up and leave the trucks for the handicapped people. It is only 20 minutes to the top and the peace you will breathe in your way up will certainly fulfill you; it is a small sacrifice our Blessed Mother asks to everyone that can do it.


…Is there transportation to go down?

Transportation is available for those impeded to go down on their own. Same criteria than when climbing is applied. If you can walk, please do so. Keep in mind there are a lot of people trying to get down at the same time with elder people, newborns, pregnant women and many others tired after a long day and the vehicles to transport people around are scarce.

While there is daylight, the way down is done through the walking paths. As soon as it gets dark, you will be directed to use the roads.


… What are the facilities at the Sanctuary, Can I buy something to eat or drink?

There are no concession stands at all (nor are they permitted) at the Sanctuary or at the entry of it. Water and cups are provided for free. At the top of the Sanctuary, there are Sanitary restrooms and medical assistance and electricity if needed. Everything is absolutely free and please do not offer any kind of gratuities as they are not accepted. You will find helpers identified by a light blue handkerchief all along the way that will be ready to help you with any circumstance, consult them if you need any help.

… How can I find out more about these Blessed Mother apparitions?

Check the Messages area to find out how it all started and how did Mrs. Maria Livia start receiving the messages from our Blessed Mother around 1990. What did our Blessed Mother ask Maria Livia, the apparitions of Our Lord and the main message for this community.


… How can I get the messages our Blessed Mother is giving to Maria Livia?

All messages received until October 1997 can be read on this web site. You can either read them or print them. Messages after 1997 are being analyzed by a special Ecclesiastic committee and will not be published until approved by thee. Messages from our Blessed Mother are still being delivered as of today.


How can I get the music of our “Immaculate Mother of the Divine Eucharistic Heart of Jesus”?

Five songs have been composed for our community. These songs are copyrighted but you can hear them or download them in the Music area of the web page.

… How can I contact you?

The “Contact us” option is to send us doubts, special support needs or recommendations.. Under the “Testimonies” area you can send us personal experiences lived and under the “Pray requests” area you can ask Maria Livia to pray for special intentions. The emails received are handled to Maria Livia who will deliver them to Our Blessed Mother when she descends.


… How can I keep updated on any news in this community?

The best way to do so is to check periodically on this web site and under the “News” area where all news are posted, or you can subscribe to receive periodic emails with all news.





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