The Sanctuary of Our Immaculate Mother of the Divine Eucharistic Heart of Jesus is located in the northern suburbs of the City of Salta. Salta city is the capital of the State with the same name which is located in the Northewestern region of the Argentine Republic. One of the northeastern neighborhoods of the city is called “Tres Cerritos” (which means three hills). This neighborhood is surrounded by three hills and the Sanctuary is atop the second one of the hills. The access to it is within a 10 minutes drive from downtown Salta and can be accessed though the streets “Los Carolinos” and “Los Crespones”.


The hill is approximately 1000 feet high and from the top of the hill; the whole city of Salta can be seen together with the full extension of the “Lerma” valley, which hosts the city itself. Looking in other directions you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the area, as it is the highest hill in the surroundings, allowing you to reach the horizon in every direction.


In November 2001 the first dirt road was opened. This was a really thin path with very tight curves and slopes. This path had an extension of approximately 2.4 miles and would get you to almost 3/4ths of the way to the top. At the end of it there was a big parking lot where you could leave the vehicle and continue walking through the specially designated walking paths.


Fig. 1: Sketch of Salta City and the Access to the Sanctuary



Figure 1 shows you the different roads to Access the city of Salta; the main arteries of the city and the area where the Sanctuary is located.

The dotted line shows you the way to get to the Sanctuary starting from downtown Salta.

Directions: Drive north on Avenue “Virrey Toledo”. On the first round-about, the avenue will change its name to Avenue “Reyes Catolicos” which in Spanish means “Cahtolic Kings”. Four blocks after the round-about you will find the only stop lights in this avenue and a gas station on one of the corners. Turn right on this street which is called “Las Palmeras”. The third row that intersect Las Palmeras is called “Los Carolinos”; turn right again on that road and it will lead you to the base of the hill and the entry to the access road. At the end, the road makes a slight left and where it is intersected by the road”Los Crespones” you will find the access on your right.


Fig. 2: Close up sketch of the Access to the Sanctuary. This road is exclusively for light vehicles.



Fig. 3:Detailed sketch of the Hill roads and paths


Right at the intersection of Los carolinos road with Los Crespones road you will find a Sanctuary of the Schöenstatt community. At the back of this you will find the walking path that takes you to the top and the Sanctuary .

Continuing on the road, in between both hills, after almost a mile, you’ll arrive to a green dor on the left door to the left that is the access to the interior road to the Sanctuary (Ref 7). General vehicles can park either at the parking lot in front of the access (Ref 5) or in the inside Parking lot(ref 10).

From there on you access the top walking through the paths. These paths are either 30 or 40 minutes walk depending on where you parked. If you parked in the first parking lot (Ref 5) you will use the path marked as Ref 8 which is 40 minutes walk but a relaxed slope. Instead, if you parked in the interior parking lot(Ref 10), you will use the path marked as Ref 11 which is a 30 minutes walk but much steeper slope.

On weekdays the Access door and the Sanctuary re open to the public from 8am to 6pm. On Saturdays the Rosary is prayed together with the “intercession pray” the congregation is really big. Therefore the access to the Sanctuary is from 8am to 12pm. At 12 the doors are closed and ll the praying starts taking place. This will go on until the last pilgrim leaves the Sactuary after the ntercessionpray which could go on till after dusk.

On Saturdays there is a big group of pilgrims that are voluntary helpers trying to make the day as smooth as possible. These days a meeting point is set up for those pilgrims that cannot make it walking to the top of the hill. These people are taken to the top (and later brought back down) by car, while their accompanying pilgrims must do it walking and meet their relatives at the top.


Please note that every activity or event within the Sanctuary grounds is completely free and no tips or any kind of money are accepted. 

Figure 3 references:

  1. 1.Pilgrims information and reception.
  2. 2.Walking path (60 mins walk)
  3. 3.Car access (2.4 miles)
  4. 4.Pilgrims and vehicles reception
  5. 5.Parking lot right in front of the path to access the sanctuary
  6. 6.Meeting point for sick or pilgrims with special needs
  7. 7.Access gate
  8. 8.Walking path por vehicles parked at parking lot (5)
  9. 9.Access point for authorized vehicles transporting sick or pilgrims with special needs.
  10. 10.Parking lot
  11. 11.Walking path for vehicles parked in 10. This is a thirty minutes walk.
  12. 12.Car access only for vehicles with special needs pilgrims.
  13. 13.Assistance points for walking paths
  14. 14.Parking lot for vehicles with pilgrims with special needs.
  15. 15.Last access gate
  16. 16.Walking path for vehicles with special needs. 10 mins walk from here
  17. 17.Access gate
  18. 18.Stairs to access the sanctuary
  19. 19.Reception and unload of pilgrims with special needs.
  20. 20.Sanctuary of the Immaculate Mother of the Divine Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.




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